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Web 2.0

So when we got on the different web 2.0 activity pages the three I liked the most were probably the monsters, then the one that Tammy and Kassi did, kidthing and then finally the Tikatok. Those three were my favorite because they looked to be the most fun, and i am all about fun things! All three of them were very interactive and educational.… Continue

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I really liked filling out and making up the AUP rules for computer and internet use in a classroom. I really liked it because it helped me really think of what should and should not be used. It was also a way to help me think like a teacher and actually write rules, I have never had to write rules before. I think that it is a great idea to have rules or even a signed contract for the computer and internet use in your classroom. After reading that article of the sub that got fired, which I… Continue

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Class Notes for 3/17/09

1. The web and how to organize things on the web

2. Get to the point where you are not just consumers but also to get to be contributer

3.How do you play it safe?

the web has much to offer

with so much to offer how do you organize all that data all that content into chunks of info that are useful to you in your profession?

Organizing information:

in the "old" days we would organize info into folders then into folders and… Continue

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So I really liked using kidspiration. It was easy to use and was fun. I really think that it would be great to use in the classroom when teaching. Its a fun and easy way for a child to do an assignment. I personally liked using it for this assignment because when writing about my friends and family it made me realize what I have in my life. I knew how great all of the people on my web were, I mean obviously becacuse I chose them, but I never have really sat down and thought about how great they… Continue

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I just loved making thise posters! I am glad that i know how to make them i cant believe that it was so simple nd i never knew before... i think it is a very creative way to put up rules, directions, and standards in the classroom. i feel that it will catch a students attention. also if they are made more personally the student will have more of an interest. i know when i go into different classrooms i feel like its more of a learnig environment when it is filled with learning things on the… Continue

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Technology when I was younger

So when I was growing the memory I know best with the use of technology was the time when my twin brother and I always played the game system Sega together. Those were the best times. We would always be so excited to come home after school and play each other in racing on the Sega or playing Sonic the headchog. It was a simple game system to use and was always so much fun! I remember always playing it and asking my friends all the time to come over and we could play the Sega. I mean litterally… Continue

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So when i took both the inventories i feel like they describe me very well! when i read my results i was lke oh yeah thats me alright! on the multiple intelligence inventory test my highest score was interpersonal then body/knesthetic then my lowest scoe was music which is so true, lol i dont know too much about music as it is. Then for my paragon testing i was ENFP which basically said i was a portrait of champion! we ready we ready we ready for ya ll! lol just kidding. However i did feel like… Continue

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