A Preamble


A preamble explains why the policy is needed, its goals, and the process of developing the policy.

This section states that the Internet and electronic communications have potential to support curriculum and student learning; however, the district shall take reasonable steps to protect students from accessing material that is harmful to minors.

A Definition Section

The definition section defines key words in the policy.

There is no definition section in my district’s AUP.

A Policy Statement

The statement must tell what computer services are covered by the AUP and the circumstances under which students can use computer services.

By logging onto this computer--and therefore the District 8 network--you are agreeing to abide by the rules set forth in the current Acceptable Use Policy as well as any applicable Board of Education Policies regarding use of technology.

An Acceptable Uses Section

This section must define appropriate student use of the computer network.

There is no specific acceptable uses section, but the preamble does state that the use of the Internet and Electronic communication is intended to be a learning resource to educate and inform.

An Unacceptable Uses Section

This section should give clear, specific examples of what constitutes unacceptable student use.

Students shall use district computers in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manger. They give an extensive list of unacceptable uses.  There is also a section on security, safety, and vandalism.

A Violations/Sanctions Section

This section should tell students how to report violations of the policy or whom to ask questions about the application. It usually will follow the school’s general student disciplinary code.

The AUP states that the use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Disciplinary action could result in the loss of the privilege to use the tools or school disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion.

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