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Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses

Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses

                When searching for free courses online, many of the ones that I found were just videos on YouTube. Courses were on a variety of topics from core subjects to hobbies. I could see just listening to these to gain knowledge in a certain subject area. Many universities Yale to local universities offer these courses.

                I decided to log in to the fake student account that was provided to me by the lady…


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Virtual Reality

How can we prevent our students from looking at virtual worlds as just games and view them as learning experience? That is a tough question to answer, when the past time of a lot of my students is playing video games. Although in the same thought, as a child is playing a video game, they are learning to solve it. I truly think that it would be hard for a child to disconnect the virtual world from the video game experience. The way that this could be handled is how the educator relates the…


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Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

I learned a variety of things as we dug into the topic of social networking. Although there are sites out there, it’s hard to find social networking sites that are educational and safe for students. Many of my students use Facebook on their personal time, but it is blocked for use by my district. I also don’t think that I’d feel comfortable using it in the classroom.  I have also been very narrow minded when it comes to social networking. I myself don’t really use anything beyond Facebook…


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Acceptable Use Policies







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Reflecting on a Lesson Using Revised and Digital Blooms Taxonomy

A lesson that I have taught that integrates the Revised Bloom’s and Digital Blooms is a lesson on figurative language and poetic devices.  My students viewed a video from YouTube. The video consisted of different music video clips that portrayed examples of figurative language such as metaphors, similes, alliteration, personification, and imagery. The definitions of each of these poetic devices were given before the music video started playing. Throughout each video clip, the lyrics from the…


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Here is my Blog Wordle!

Here is my Blog Wordle!


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