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NING moves to Cha Ching $$$

I read this and immediately thought... What does this mean for all those who have created NING communities in education? I for one love Ning and all it's capabilities, but I've created so many niche Ning communities that I'm not willing to pay to sustain all of them. While I understand the business model and can appreciate the efforts necessary in this down economy, it really does create a wake up call to think about. We saw this earlier last year… Continue

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#NECC09 & an iPhone

This year, I am going low budget... just me, my iPhone, backup battery and my digital toolkit:
These are the tools I'll be using while at NECC and EduBloggerCon. I use these tools on… Continue

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All About Me(TM)

On my flight back from Knoxville, Tennessee, I came across this article in the AA magazine. The title: Achieve Success by Building Your Personal Brand. You can read the full article here.

Stand Out

With so much white noise out there, it’s imperative you stay at the top of people's…

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EduBloggerCon - I'll be attending! (jcostilla)

I'll be there... jcostilla

EduBloggerCon / Classroom 2.0 "LIVE in DC" 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Main Room 206!

This is an international… Continue

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T3 Notes from @wfryer

I pulled this out of the notes taken by @wfryer regarding T3 (Target Tech in Texas) which is the artist formally know as E2T2 in Texas. Wes provides a great deal of insight and summary information around the grant opportunity. Read more.…


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Wait No More

Gone are the days when we waited to read about the latest happenings on Yahoo, Google, ZDNet, or your other favorite news & search resource. You will tell your children and grandchildren..."remember when we had to wait to read about it online… Continue

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Simply the Best?

I love this blog post response to a leading news publication that states the following:

You Call These The “Best”?


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Targeting the Right Social Media

Social media is all the buzz... but what is the right mix to meet your targets?

Be it education, consumer, community or commerce, we have all found our way to what is becoming more and more mainstream. Educators are utilizing social networks like Ning to setup school profiles and student projects to communities (… Continue

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Live Video on Facebook with Qik

I use this app on my iPhone and link live video feeds to my blog and now Facebook.

Qik Adds Mobile Video to Facebook


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Vote for me - ISTE Connect Contest

Vote for my image on ISTE Connect!

Click this Link to vote: (selec the radio button next to this image)

This is the image I created using and the theme for funniest Ed Tech photo contest. How many votes can this image get. Let's see if i can get at least 10... Hook a brother up!…


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Teach Green. Get $200 bucks.

What would you do with $200 to teach green?

Do something different this year for Earth Day. How about coming up with a project that empowers and challenges your students to think green for longer than just one day?…


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Education Stimulus Wordle

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, signed into law on February 17, aims to lend a helping hand to not only employment, health care and taxes, but significantly for the struggling state school systems: It more than doubles the education funding of the previous presidential administration.

Of the…


Added by John Costilla on March 25, 2009 at 4:39am — 1 Comment

Blooms Taxonomy & Web 2.0

In a recent post from Around the by Miguel, he shares this pretty cool pyramid — Bloom's Taxonomy Triangle and DigiGogy.

This concept and alignment really is quite interesting and complex at the same… Continue

Added by John Costilla on March 13, 2009 at 11:26am — No Comments

7 Guidelines for Educators

Wes Fryer shares his flickr set @ CoSN 09.

This was one image I found noteworthy.

My favorite is... ' reinvent yourself as a teacher, professor or educator."

With all the emerging technologies and Web 2.0 practices, as educators, we can and should embrace the inevitable.…


Added by John Costilla on March 12, 2009 at 6:35am — 1 Comment

Twitter Tip #6

Note to self:

Nothing says stop following like selling your products on Twitter. Stop selling and engage members in real tweets!

6. DON’T just talk about products & services

Again, think of the real world. A person who speaks about one thing, and one thing only, is either incredibly dull or clinically insane. If you are passionate about your business, industry, products then share your passion. I was recently working on…


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Could it happen in schools?

Wow, today I went to a website, Skittles, of all things. (

Yes, the tasty rainbow candy that we all loved as kids. The ones that are the cause of all your children's dental visits.

Long story short, they did something totally disruptive. The got rid of their static, boring website and embraced the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube… Continue

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Black Out

I noticed this today on Twitter and it caught my eye, but I really didn't know why. It just stuck out like a sore thumb.…


Added by John Costilla on February 18, 2009 at 9:59pm — 2 Comments

Flickit: iPhone App

I've loaded this app and it's just as clean and easy as it says. I would definitely change a few things. 1) make it easier to load multiple images at one time instead of having to go back into your library after each image. 2)As stated, make viewing flickr from the app. Overall, great find and very simple straight forward.…


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Drop In: Connect the Dots

Don't settle, do what you enjoy. This was to me the basis for Steve Job's commencement speech of 05. As you look at two of the brightest technology leaders (Jobs/Gates) of our time, a common thread comes about. They both worked really hard and they both were true to their passion. At some point, the probably got a lucky break, but for the most part, they did not conform to the status quo. They both went about their success by leaving college early. They both were diligent in their passion and… Continue

Added by John Costilla on February 14, 2009 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

A Different Differentiated Instruction

Granted this 9 year old prodigy comes from a background of technology know-how. His father is a chief technology officer at technology firm and writes iPhone applications. But what astonishes me is that this kid has taken… Continue

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