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Departmental Professional Learning Community planning

Today our school reviewed the guidelines and expectations of professional learning communities. Each department at the school by default is a professional learning community. Together the other members of my department and I reviewed data from last year's student testing. We identified several areas that we can focus on during the coming year. We also decided there was data missing that we needed from administration. We specifically want to look at how we have been able to improve the learning… Continue

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Introducing the concept of Web 2.0 in the classroom

Today I had students back in the classroom as we began another school year. As part of our discussion, I explained my vision of how they could contribute to the global knowledge of material we learn in class this year. There were smiles on each student's face and a lot of excitement as they realized what I was asking them to do. Our first attempt will be to have them involved in creating Podcasts that explain what they have done as they complete science experiments. I hope this new form of… Continue

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Collaborative discussion on Web 2.0 tools

I had a great opportunity to discuss the NETS standards for teachers and students with a peer during today's Professional Development. We considered how we can encourage more faculty members to desire to learn and implement WEB 2.0 tools and become NETS proficient. We realize we have a way to go, but between us have determined that we are going to work on one teacher at a time to bring them along and then invite these teachers to bring along others. While it may be slower than instructing the… Continue

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Musings on our District Middle School PD day

Today's schedule was quite full - opening keynote, 2 breakout sessions, lunch, afternoon keynote, followed by school team building activities.) The keynote sessions were given by Jack C. Berckemeyer of the National Middle School Association. The breakout sessions had a good mix of technology and adolescent development. The highlight of the conference for many was Jack. Berckemeyer. He understands and is animated in his enthusiastic delivery. Everyone was… Continue

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Planning for a District Science training

Last spring, I worked with my secondary science committee on a grant. The grant proposal was accepted and funding was obtained. Today I accepted delivery of the laptops to be used with the proposal. This is the first year of what we hope will be five total years. We will work with four schools each year - training teachers so students are able to use computers and probes to do science experiments. Teachers will be encouraged to have students use Web 2.0 tools to share what they discover. I look… Continue

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Planned District Middle School Conference

I am excited ... for the first year that I remember, my district will be holding a Middle School Professional Development day prior to the start of this school year. The keynote will be given by Jack Berckemeyer - Assistant Executive Director of the National Middle School Association. I received the agenda in today's snail mail. The Breakout Sessions look to be quite good - there are 31 choices. Of these choices, nine focus on technology and/or 21st… Continue

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Technology and Science

I have long held the belief that "Students who actively do Science learn and love the subject!" I also am a firm believer that along with inquiry and experimentation there needs to be a sharing of information. I have set a goal to change how information is shared this year by implementing more Web 2.0 into my lessons. I have a strong opinion that after students have learned through inquiry, they naturally want to share this information with others. I hope to provide a positive report on both… Continue

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Suggestion of joining Classroom 2.0

While sharing the Intel® Teach Program in Savannah Georgia this week, I was informed of and invited to join Classroom 2.0. After reviewing the site, I realized the concepts, ideas, and concerns were similar to my own. My thanks to Kevin and Tammy for inviting me.

I really enjoyed my time in Savannah - And I even thought the downpour was cool. While dining at the river, a great thunderstorm began. I learned what flooded intersections are… Continue

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