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Google Apps

During this unit I spent a significant amount of time using Google Apps, and I can easily say that I have learned quite a bit from the experience.  I did come to realize that there are many practical uses for my classroom that I can begin to implement immediately, as well as in my personal life if I so wished.  Any and all knowledge I can gain from learning about technology is valuable to me and this unit was especially useful.  The amount of freedom and self reliance I was able to…


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Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses

The open course I found and chose to start was/is called “Digital History” through a partnership between the University of Houston and other supportive organizations.  It is a comprehensive course that covers the history of the United States beginning from the American Revolution to present day.  The amount of sources, resources, and perspectives offered are truly impressive.  The course is divided into ten separate and distinct sections and it allows the learner to choose what order…


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Virtual Reality in Education

            Now that I have researched the opposing arguments to using virtual reality in education, I can say that I have a more comprehensive view of the topic.  However, I still hold fast to the belief that the advantages and benefits of using virtual reality/ simulations in teaching far outweigh the potential hazards.  Although there may be some precautions that need to be taken in order to protect our students, with proper supervision and vigilance learners can access material that may…


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Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

After completing this weeks’ assignments based on social networking and digital citizenship, I very happy to say I learned quite a lot that I will be able to carry over into my teachings.  Hopefully, my students will be able to benefit because of this as well.  The biggest thing I became aware of was that there are many social networking sites that I can use along with my students that need little if any modification in order to be effective and safe for instruction.  There is much…


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Acceptable Use Policies (my district)


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Blogging about Bloom and Marzano

Bloom’s taxonomy and Marzano’s Strategies are two concepts that I have been exposed to since very early on in my education classes almost eight years ago.  At first they seemed very abstract and empty ideas to me for the simple reason I didn’t have any tools in my tool box, meaning I didn’t have any of my own lessons to mold and modify using these ideas.  However, now that I am becoming a…


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Investigating Bloom's Taxonomy


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Wordles for blogs and wikis

Wordle: Blogs Wordle: Wikis

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