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Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research, Includes K-12 Initative and Cyber Challenges!


It is with great pleasure and excitement that I introduce to you a current initiative underway by the Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research at Exploration Park/Kennedy Space Center to establish the State of Florida as a National Leader in Cybersecurity Awareness and Career Education.  This initiative supports:…


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K-12 is being represented at a major Information Security Conference! Info Sec World 2011 Orlando Fla April 19-21


I work as a District Information Security Analyst for the 11th largest K-12 District in Florida!

I'm presenting at Info Sec World 2011. Session B3  April 19. Building a Comprehensive Security Awareness Program on a Budget.


With Zero day exploits, drive by downloads user awareness and education of cyber threats is now more important than ever! Just last year A New York City School District was attacked....…


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Great Book; The Captain. The Fisherman Who Became Captain of the Worlds Largest Cruise Ship.

I just spent the past 7 days on Royal Caribbeans Allure of the Seas.The largest cruise Ship in the World. It's about 4 football fields long! Cost of this ship is 1.4 Billion dollars!

I met Captain Johnny, and just had to buy this book. I also had to read it while I was on his ship. This book tells a great story about a boy who grew up in a small fishing village in Norway. Captain Johnny talks about the importance of family, and how values like treating others as…


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Google Apps

We are a School District of about 73,000 students. We have about 90 schools! We are in the process of moving to Google Apps. We realize NY Schools have already made this move. Can anyone provide some best practices for the roll out of a system this large?


IE: How did you prepare the students for this new responsibility, What training? New Policies? Did you roll it out with a lot of features all at once or are you phasing it in?Are you delegating admin to each school or…


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Moving to the Cloud? Learn the Risk, then move!

It's no secret that the world is quickly loving to the cloud, There are many benefits to moving to cloud based services like Google Apps and Microsoft's Live.Edu!

Download Top Threats to Cloud Computing from CSA, The Cloud Security…

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2010 Verizon Business Data Breach Report

This yearly report is becoming the Gold standard in the information Security field.
It can be used to Identify real threats to any organizations data and data systems.
For example, one recent finding concerns Malware Customization: "We are not so happy to say that the increase in customized malware we reported last year appears not to be a fluke limited to 2008. 2009 revealed a similar proportion of breaches (54% of those involving malware) and an incredible 97% of the…

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Your Online Reputation Matters!

I just saw this on ABC News. Its so important for all professionals, not just teachers to know just how easy it is to share too much with too many while online, then its posted forever! Now there is hope, some companies are coming to the rescue (for a price) to help make things better. This story does a good job of addressing this important issue for everyone including teens!…


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K-12 needs Internet Filter Flexibility.

While most US corporations turn on Web filtering to control content and reduce their liability exposure, K-12 has different needs. We are now planning a RBAC, (Role based Access Controls) project for our web filter. This will allow us to remain CIPA compliant for all students, (Child Internet Protection Act) yet still offer the much needed access to our… Continue

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