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EnglishCentral - a new version

We've cleaned up things and have started a vocabulary tracking focus. Use youtube videos and increase your word power!  Lots more features to help in ESL, literacy, vocabulary building and public speaking. Learn more about the changeshere.




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Websites for Practice Speaking English

Full Screen HERE

I recorded my talk at the recent KOTESOL National Conference - Getting Students Speaking: Harnessing the Power of New Technologies.… Continue

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Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs: Who’s the Better Public Speaker?

I suppose I expect a lot from the CEO’s of large corporations (especially successful and innovative ones). I expect them to be very intelligent, great evangelists for their products and along with that great public speakers. Just for fun I thought I would examine the public speaking skills of two of the most well known tech CEOs, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates  (however Gates is no longer the CEO of Microsoft).

To be fair, I have uploaded product launches that each CEO has done in the…


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TED Commandments for Speaking

Thou Shalt Not Simply Trot Out thy Usual Shtick

Thou Shalt Dream a Great Dream, or Show Forth a Wondrous New Thing, Or Share Something Thou Hast Never Shared Before

Thou Shalt Reveal thy Curiosity and Thy Passion

Thou Shalt Tell a Story

Thou Shalt Freely Comment on the Utterances of Other Speakers for the Skae of Blessed Connection and Exquisite Controversy

Thou Shalt Not Flaunt thine Ego. Be Thou Vulnerable. Speak of thy Failure as well as thy Success.

Thou Shalt… Continue

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Research Project on using Wikis and Interactives to improve English Speaking

Research: Research with Korean University Graduates to improve their English speaking skills using online Journals in the form of wikis, with access and experience with online tools that stimulate motivation and create experiences in using voice, assessing voice, and improving voice.

Classroom Setting and Tools:

A multi-technology Classroom with a Computer, projector and a microphone is necessary.

A laboratory with individual computers is more… Continue

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