What kind of Learning Management Systems are you all currently using?

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We're using WebCT Vista. WebCT has officially ceased to exist, but this is definitely not Bb. We're promised Bb8, which looks like quite an improvement.

I'm studying in Moodle and think it has several advantages over what we've got at work. I'd like to see more options for skinning though, particularly at course level.
We have selected Angel and are in the initial stages of getting it configured for the University. More on that later. Moodle was interesting but too difficult to support at my institution.
How do the Bb8 product improvements impact your teaching and learning environment?
We are not using any type of LMS but I think it could be a big help at my school. I'm interested in learning more about this.
A very important foundation for providing distance learning and hybrid courses. Is your school interested in providing distance education?
We have a Moodle box on site (the foundation) and the university's LMS and what I generally use for my courses is Blackboard.
Is the University LMS BB?
What size is your institution?
That would be great!
Interesting, our university looked at Moodle but determined that we didn't have the infrastructure to support it and add on to it. If something breaks it is difficult to re mediate quickly. We had to look for a hosted solution that integrated with our Institution's database.

I'm not sure there is a perfect solution, but the enterprise scale company hosted LMS comes pretty close.
Use Moodle, but am also forced to use Blackboard when teaching for a virtual school. Having a hard time liking BB as much as I do Moodle...
How does your organization support Moodle?



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