Our ELLs in many states come to use with below grade level reading and writing skills in their native languages.  This makes the learning of English more of a challenge (not impossible just a bit more of a challenge especially for mainstream teachers who aren't always that familiar with the special needs of language development along with scaffolding for content instruction).

What websites have you found that expressly address those two crucial skills?  I would like to share this high school and middle school content teachers who are unsure as to how to meet those special needs of ELLs in their classes.  I am the high school ELD coach at my site and try to leave no stone unturned as I constantly look for ways to build the confidence of mainstream teachers in trying to meet the needs of ELLs.

Any advice/sites that have worked for you or for colleagues would be much appreciated.





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Although I am a Second Grade Teacher, I am having difficulty finding a program that can improve ELL students reading skills especially on the Direct Reading Inventory. Many of my ELL are performing BGL as well in reading and writing instruction including word work.


Hi Denise,

Oftentimes I find that word games promote student motivation, engagement, and achievement in literacy development.

There are a ton of online crossword puzzles and Words with Friends games. Also, Crossword Solver is a helpful tool with several word game resources (for Crosswords, Anagrams, Scrabble and Words With Friends) and word lists to accelerate literacy learning and vocabulary development.

Plus, the site also inspires community collaboration and is easy to navigate. Hope you find this helpful :)



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