So, have you read any new outstanding children's literature? If so, please SHARE!


I just got the picture book Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don't) by Barbara Bottner. It's about how a very creative librarian reaches a very reluctant reader. Love it!


What are some of your new favorites?



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I had a seperate window open on Amazon, found the book there and copied the address. Then I switched to my window where I had already typed my response (but hadn't hit the "add reply" button yet), highlighted the title of the book and then clicked on the little chain link picture (by the bold, italics buttons on top of the reply box) and pasted the Amazon address in the pop up window.

Good luck!
Love that link with the lists and seems spot on with what my 5th graders are reading. What I liked the most though was the author interviews spread throughout. Worth taking a look, everyone! (Don't let any prejudices against AR turn you off from this material--the interviews are worth it!)

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!
No doubt one of the best books I've ever read aloud to kids (gifted 5th-6th) Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The kids loved it, I only saw them once a week so the suspense lasted a long time--they couldn't read on their own between times. Several times we read through lunch and recess!! The sequel Catching Fire was as good if not better (but not appropriate for read aloud for that age). The final book in the trilogy, The Mockingjay, is coming out Aug 25. Can't wait to read it.
Thanks for that review, Nancy. I've seen the book and wondered about it. Will add it to my "wish list". :-)
Adult Lit change of topic--I'm reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy---can't put it down.
Hmm... I've HEARD the title of that one. What genre is it?
thriller? espionage? character development? it's dark!

Oh boy, did I ever find a good book for my kids. It's called The Cat on the Mat is Flat by Andy Griffiths and there is a second one called The Cow that went Kapow. I teach first, second, and third grade and my third graders are special ed, extremely reluctant readers and they wanted to take this home! It's rhyming text with extremely small amounts of text on each page and very simplistic drawings, kind of like Diary of Wimpy kid. Even the first graders can read it (with a little support) and they think it's awesome that they can read a whole chapter book.

The other ones they really love is a series of picture books by Mo Willems.  They are about a pigeon.  There are several in the series but my favorite is Don't let the pigeon drive the bus.  The pictures are very simple but expressive and the kids love the different strategies that the pigeon uses to try to get them to drive the bus (or get a puppy or stay up late).  

If you are looking for a chapter book for high third graders or fourth or possibly fifth graders, check out the Mysterious Benedict society (it also has a great companion website).  It has amazingly interesting characters, a "save the world" plot, sneaky humor, fabulous vocabulary and connections to practically everything in the world (the first part has the most hilarious part about test taking skills-my kids laughed about it the whole year last year)

I can't wait to read this one.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm not sure if this is a new one or not, but Boo! by Robert Munsch is one of my favorites.  Even though it is not Halloween right now, I still love to read it.

I noticed that this is almost a three-year-old thread, and that even though it is now old enough to walk and talk, no one is watching--only 13 views.   Despite that, I'd like to add that Wonder by R. J. Palacio is one of the best books I've read in several years.  It is one of those laugh, cry, become-a-part-of-you type books.  Another of my all-time favorites is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.  Absolutely AMAZING!   My students LOVED it!  



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