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hello steve and all you classroom 2.0 folks,

i'm a teacher at the kodaikanal international school in the mountains of south india and i teach social experience seminars on human rights, social justice and environmental issues, organize and lead experiential fieldtrips, teach/facilitate the international baccalaureate theory of knowledge course and coach ultimate frisbee.

our new librarian is hip and technically savvy (this is where I found you) and has motivated me to learn more about 'classroom 2.0'...

not sure where to begin or even what to ask, just wanted to introduce myself as we end this academic year and begin to plan for next year.

thank you for providing this space and community.

bryan plymale

Kodaikanal International School
7 Roads Junction
PO Box 25
Kodaikanal, TN 624101
(O) 91 4542 247248
(M) 91 9952 505264

Great to have you here! And thanks to your hip librarian! :)

thanks steve, we're fortunate to have anna here. looking forward to learning more about cr20!
hi steve, just back from summer break (and having a new baby!) i feel a bit overwhelmed by the volume of info here. any tips where to begin?! i'd really like to use classroom 2.0 technology even more. thanks for all you do. bryan

Just wanted to jump in and introduce myself, too. I'm a social studies teacher in East Orange, NJ. I've been teaching since 2007. I've had an interest in technology since I was a kid in the 80's, and I always try to incorporate technology into my own classes where I can. My issue in an urban school district is access. I enjoy reading and learning about what others do, so I'm poking around the forums here in hopes of finding something useful.

Paid work - providing tech support at higher education institution - Theology / Professional.
Interested in One Laptop Per Child with twenty-year plus partnership - Kenya, Eastern Province, primary school.
Hi, Bo! Great to have you here. Have you ever considered doing any kind of online meetings with kids in the primary school in Kenya with kids elsewhere in the world? I'm working on a project around this. Do they have Internet access at the Kenya school?
Hello Steve and all the Colleagues!
I'm Ines, I've just arrived here, invited by Sue Waters and happy to be able to learn more about using wikis and web2.0 tools at school. I started to learn about blogging at Edublogs, about a year ago, at
Unfortunately I missed the first live webinar, so I'm reading and listening to anything related to it.
I've been working on a with my young students at and I would like to enhance this collaborative experience as well as to learn how to work with wikispaces.
I'm grateful to belong to this Ning and looking forward to collaborating with other members.
Hi, Ines! Were you able to listen to the recording of Sue's first class? Do you need help finding it?

Glad to have you here!

My name is Stacey Wielfaert, and I am interested in using technology in the classroom. Presently, I teach Grade Eight Writing and Literature. My hope is to capture the attention of all of my students as we study ways of communication in society and what that means about how we are growing as a society and culture.

My name is Idris Abdul-Aziz and I am new to this site. I currently in my first full year of teaching and I currently teach both U.S. History and Global Studies. My goal is to become more familiar with the emerging technology in an attempt to stay, at least one step ahead of my students. Also I would love to connect with teachers from other countries in an attempt to possibly connect classrooms via internet/podcast/video.
Hi, Idris! I'm working on a project with Elluminate to facilitate these connections, and would love to help you (and anyone else). I'll be announcing later this week--please be sure to contact me directly also at



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