Who does the best job of preparing pre-service teachers to work in 1:1 classrooms?


We are looking for universities that are preparing their teacher education students to flourish in the 1:1 classrooms.  This needs to be more than just requiring all of their students to have laptops. Ideally, it needs to include a program that reconceptualizes learning to best use a technology-rich learning environment.


Please post your recommendations here or send me a note at zeitz@uni.edu


Thank you,


Leigh Zeitz



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I am a special education major at Illinois State University and we have quite a few classes that are taught to focus on the classes that we will be teaching, often times a 1:1 classroom.  We are just beginning our assistive technology class but we will be focusing on technologies to help students with specific disabilities to possibly minimize the number of students in the classroom.  I realize this might not be exactly what you are referring to but this is definitely a technology rich class which I think even current teachers should take to experience the different technologies possibly available to us as teachers to enhance the students learning.


I am sorry that I didn't reply to your posting about 1:1 at Illinois State University - - - 10 months ago.

How did the assistive technology course go?  Was it useful to have your own computer?

Did you use a laptop or tablet?

I would like to learn more.

Leigh Zeitz



I received my undergrad in Elementary and Middle School Education at Valley City State University and I believe they do a wonderful job in teaching pre-service teachers about 1:1 because the university, itself, is a 1:1 university. They provide all their students with laptops and really engage the students in using them as well as showing pre-service teachers how to work in this fashion when they receive their own classrooms. I'm now getting my master's online through VCSU.


Thanks for the rely to my post.  What do they do differently since it is 1-1?

Did your teachers teach differently?  What was the advantage/disadvantage of doing this?

Is there anyone I should contact at VCSU about 1:1?

Leigh Zeitz




I feel that my professors at VCSU teachings pre-service teachers better than most other colleges and universities because they provide every student with a laptop. All of our lesson plans had to have some type of technology piece to it. We created PowerPoints, videos, learned how to correctly do research, etc. etc.

Dr. Gary Thompson is the Dean of the Education College. However, my favorite professors that engaged us in technology were Prof. Jim Boe, Dr. Cindy Zahn, and Dr. Heather Kvilvang. You can find them on the VCSU website at www.vcsu.edu.

Jim Boe is a Technology Education professor.

I just firmly believe that I received top-notch education at VCSU, and I'm continually receiving top-notch education in my master's program.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.




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