Hello All,

We are looking for software that will help our students to improve their math. Many of our students need help in this area.

School is K-8.

I thought I would start here. Please list the title of the software you are using, web-based or not, grade level, and comments.

I am new to this active community and hope to become a contributing member as well.

Thanks Norm

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See the links on my website http://www.mrwylie.com/web-links.html but a few of my favorites are below.

Arcademic Skill Builders
Calculation Nation

Sage looks cool! I'll experiment with it.

I develop www.BuzzMath.com (currently in Beta), you could try to create a free account. Feedback's welcome!

It's for middle school, students can exchange ideas but can't copy (it generates an infinity of possible numbers and solutions per problem), and it's very very beautiful :-)

There's a video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkSN_Z-4VRo&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fww...

Feel free to have your school link to my site. I've got 100+ interactive math activities bookmarked. All the links are visual which makes it easy for the younger ones. Click on the link below and select "Math" from the main menu. Have fun!


- Scott
A good selection. Most of them are from the sites I listed above, but it is nice to have them organized like you do.
This is so well organized Scott. I can't wait to share this with teachers on my campus.
Thanks for your input on this topic. So many resources so little time.

Hi Norm. If I can put forward a plug for products that have been developed by teachers in our school district, NECTAR Foundation (www.nectar.ca) have a number of math and language arts programs for K-12.
Try this fantastic resource:


If your school has a bit of money available, our school adopted SymphonyMath (www.symphonylearning.com). It is an excellent way to build number sense and beyond. We are using it K-2 but the program has up to 3rd grade skills. Some of our high school categorical students are using it as well. It has built-in leveling so it takes students up to the next level as they are able. See the scope and sequence at http://www.symphonylearning.com/symphonymath/scope-sequence/.
There are also some videos on the site that demonstrate the program.

As a teacher, I love it because I have a math center at the computers and I know that all students are working at their level and improving. It's also great because all teachers can log in and see student progress. I love this because I can easily check and see who's progressing and if they are spending enough time working. It also includes access at home because the software runs from an online server so the home program knows what they've accomplished at school and vice versa. So we sent the letter home to let our students practice there and the parents like that too.
try Geogebra it is a free softwar for a college teaching
WOW! The "Excellent Resource" award goes to Scott! Great job!
WIRIS math tools may interest you. An online Computer algebra sytem with 2d/3d graphics,....

For those using Moodle you can check other tools such as formula editor and math quizzes tools



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