I'm looking to possibly add new titles for summer reading for seventh grade next year. Does anyone have any great books they could recommend? Thanks!

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Thanks for thinking of me :)......I am getting reimbursed out of my classroom budget monies.
Whew!! I've gotten so stingy with even buying books for myself. I check out almost all from the library, except very new ones I want to read right way. I bought both Grisham's new one and Picoult's new one over spring break--of course read them in a couple of days.
Yeah, i like Forbidden City by William Bell. It is about a boy in Beijing during riots, and Nixon's visit. Canadian 17 year old who is there with his dad who is cameraman for CBC TV; he learns about true value of freedom, his relationship with his dad and also about physical courage of both girl and boy students in the square that day. Good for both genders. some violence, but really cool on media and freedom of speech issues. Other great ones for sevens are The Giver, Adrian Mole and Chocolate Wars.
Hi John,
I've been using Forbidden City as the culminating activity from a MultiSource unit on Media and Communications. Unfortunately I have not been able to find hardly any resources online to help teach this unit. What I'm most interested in finding are novel studies with chapter questions. Do you have such resources or know where I could get them?

Alternately, I'd love to find a different novel to use at the end of this unit. One that suits low readers in Gr.9 but which focuses on the theme of media and communications.
If you have not read The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins it is a must! This guy has probing discussion about all the books. TV plays and integral part in all three books.

It is the best YA series I've ever read and my students loved it!!
If you haven't read Tunnels and the sequel Deeper, you should! They are a bit dark, but intriguing. The hero Will travels deep into the earth to find a colony of subterranean dwellers that aren't all happy to see him. Perfect for 5th and up. Another thoroughly enjoyable series that is not so dark is the Fablehaven series. About all sorts of magical creatures that stir up mischief.
Amy, when you do collect the books for summer reading I have an idea to go along.

I am creating a website to teach art history around the world. ahaafoundation.org is the site. I went back to school when I was 70 to learn web design. I feel strongly that art history should to open to everyone. The site can be used in many different ways. Please get in touch if you are interested. It is free.

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