I'm looking to create a collaborative type project for my students and am wondering what would be the best platform for them to use - a wiki or google doc? I'm familiar with google docs but not with wikis. Could someone help me to determine the differences between the two and what situation would be best to use them in? Thanks!

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if you want to be notified (via email) when your doc is changed or updated, you can subscribe to changes as a daily email or an as it happens email alert... Otherwise, in realtime, it updates every few seconds for all viewers and editors...
For simultaneous editing (but no formatting), Etherpad.
I am also looking for a collaboration site for next year. We've used Google Docs this year with a table. We have found that it freezes far too often and formatting is very unreliable. It does take multiple people editing at the same time however. I've decided that next year we should go with Zoho Wiki. The help page indicated that multiple editing was coming soon.

A comment on pbwiki: I find it is far from intuitive. I've looked at it several times and there must be something wrong with my brain chemistry as I just don't get it. Zoho, however, feels sensible. Maybe my Mac does something funny to pbwiki.
Here's a Wiziq public class Nellie Deutsch did on Wikis. Hopefully she'll do a class on Google Docs soon.

Unfortunately, when I try to see the recording, I am told I am not authorised to do so.
You need to sign in to Wiziq, I think.
I am actually a member of Wiziq. But can't see how to access the recording from their page.
Any ideas anyone?
I cracked it. :->
And it looks like you do have to be a member.
HI Kendra -- If you want students to construct knowledge together, these are both good choices; however, I personally like to think of a wiki as more of a website a Google Docs as a place to build a document. I have included 2 links: Vicki Davis on educational wikis and Teacher Paperless on Google Docs. If you want to create a structure for a project, add some resources, instructions, and have pages that groups can personalize, I'd go for the wiki. You can get an educator's account from wikispaces and be ad free. If you want individuals to be able to make contributions to the same document at the same time, try Google Docs. You also might want to take a look at Grou.ps which is an open source social networking site that can be used with students under 13 and has a wiki capacity. My main advice is think carefully about what you want to do with your project first, and choose the tool to fit the job.

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Is this educator's account the same thing as the offer for K-12 teachers?
As I am a university teacher, I guess I won't be eligible.
I would suggest considering Wiki's - they're much more of a group collaboration type of environment in my experience. Besidesm you can link docs or links to other tools from a Wiki, so they have a more inclusive kind of functionality.

Here's a brief blog entry with some insight into using Wiki's in education: http://www.emergingedtech.com/?p=11 (I would strongly suggest checking out the last link in the post - the "interview" article). Hope this info helps!
Another great tool that combines elements of both google docs and wikis is SchoolTown.net.



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