Hi there Steve and Classroom 2.0 community. I am physics teacher and have created a lot of lab activities in Word format. I would like to share these with other physics/science teachers and so am looking for a good place on the web to store them. I need to be able to update them and others can download them. If others can provide feedback that would be nice too. Most of the docs contain formatting and drawings which get butchered by Google Docs, so that option is out. Other recommendations?

Thank you in advance,


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I have used 4shared.com for a couple of my classes on a trial basis. While I have only used it for PDFs and Word docs, it's been satisfactory. One benefit is that it is password protected.

Hi Brian,
I have used Docstoc successfully in the past, for Word and pdf files. Worth trying.
Some wikis (such as Wikidot) will allow you to attach files to your page. This way you could describe your assignment as well as provide a Word (or other format) copy of it.
How about google docs or zoho.com as published documents?
I agree w/ Jen. I use scribd because it allows me to upload docs in most formats and then embed them in our class wikispace. On the wiki, my students can either read or print the documents.
- Jay
I'd encourage you to put these in Curriki (www.curriki.org). Curriki is quickly becoming the place where educators are putting their course elements to be shared with many.
Yes, I have heard of Curriki but had forgotten about it. Thanks.
Try a website called: We the Teachers.

You can also store them in a Freepath playlist and make them available to other teachers through the bigreturns group. For instructions take a look at my blog post: Joining the 'bigreturns' group in myFreepath
You should try posterous.com. It is awesome! Just email your files to post@posterous.com and it builds your webpage.
Onehub (www.onehub.com) would be a great solution for you. I just started using it and think it is super easy to use and share with others.
I've really gotten a lot of miles out of dropbox. www.getdropbox.com



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