Hello, I recently launched a new web site for teachers, http://learnitin5.com. It is a library of how-to videos on various Web 2.0 applications.


In the next few months, I hope to add another 20-30 videos, and I'm looking for tips on what to put on the site.


Please visit and comment either directly on http://learnitin5.com or here.



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Thanks for the link. I plan on giving my teacher's your web address as your site will be a great resource for them as we try to get more tech in the classroom. I like the five minute or less rule.
Would you consider uploading your videos to Teacher Tube? My school district does not allow us to view You Tube videos and I would really like my students to be able to view your efforts.
Hey Jeremy and Jeff, thanks for the comments. I appreciate that you want to share Learn it in 5 with colleagues; this is the number one goal for me -- to help teachers learn more about these powerful tools.

Jeff, I don't use TeacherTube, because I find it to be more cumbersome, and fewer people use it. YouTube helps bring people to the Learn it in 5 site.

If I were you, I'd hammer away at my admin about opening up YouTube. My district allows teachers to use it (so it will come up on a teacher login ID, but not students). This way, we can share with students using Interactive white boards or just a projector hooked into a computer.

I am toying around with producing my videos on Vimeo, but it too is not as user-friendly as YouTube.

Thanks for checking in; I hope you'll comment on our videos or blogs.



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