I recently developed a course, Web 2.0 for the K12 Classroom, which I teach online through Lake Erie College. I teach blogging, podcasting, social networking, social bookmarking and video sharing. Do you know of some sort of new Web 2.0 tool that might be a nice addition to my course?

Thanks for your input.

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Hi Mark,
You're welcome to use my website with all of my resources. I teach k-4 and I'm slowly exploring how to use these tools in my classrooms. I also post the blogs and wikis that I follow. Good luck in preparing great 21st-22nd Century teachers. WE need them!
Hi Faith, I was just wondering if you could explain some of the new technologies that you have been exploring and how you are using them in your classroom. I am a attending college right not and majoring in childhood and special education and am looking for all the information I can get about technology in the classroom. Any information you have to offer would be greatly appreciated!
You are welcome to share my blog...I share a lot of Web 2.0 stuff.

Hi Michael, I looked at your blog. Thanks, there are some quite usefull reviews. I tried to leave a comment, but could not :-(
Hmmm...not sure why you could not leave a comment. I will look into it. Thanks!
What tools do you teach just now? Probably better to know that before we suggest a list you are already using. Like Mark and Faith, I also blog about new tools, www.educationtechnologyblog.com.
We've tried a lot of the new tools but only a few have staying power in the classroom. I like Scratch and Alice (don't know if they are considerd Web 2.0 tools) and Games Maker 7. We've enjoyed Storybird and Glogster (search for gloster.edu). I can tell you more about them if you are interested.

I also don't know if people know this or not but you can buy a domain and set up gmail accounts with your domain name--I like that idea. EX: studentname@markbarnes.com
HI Nancy, like I said above I am currently studying to be a teacher and am trying to learn about some of the new technologies being brought into the classroom and how they are being used. Could you just explain what some of the technologies are that you mentioned above and how you use them? I would really appreciate it!
Scratch, Alice and GamesMaker 7 are free downloads that offer students authentic 'work'. The first two are computer batch programming applications and GamesMaker is just that, a developer for video games. I think these types of activities could take the place of the old 'center' concept, students could use these programs after finishing work or in lieu of work already mastered. Storybird allows students to write stories using professional artists' artwork. Glogster makes posters that can include images, text, video etc. I can lead you to some excellent examples if you want.

You can get to links of all our recent projects here and see blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.
Thank you so much, this helps a lot!
Hi All, have you seen Squeak.org? Another programming language that has been around for a while. Students create Etoys which can contain graphics, text, sound and music.
Thanks for sharing the others.



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