Our school announced that they would be videotaping teachers as a part of the evaluation process.   Does anyone have any guidelines or suggestions on how this could be done in the most effective and beneficial way.  I read an article on the subject years ago but do not remember the specifics.   Ken

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I've been at schools, where the video was used during the Summative part of the Evaluation.  The evaluator video tapes you, and take notes on what you've done during the lesson, as they normally would; but video taping gives the Principal an opportunity to go back through the footage and comment on things that he/she may have missed.  But the BEST part of the video is when the teacher gets the opportunity to come back and watch it with the evaluator.  The best way to do this is to allow the teacher to lead the discussion--watch the video together and let the teacher give pros and cons.  And then the evaluator should follow up with his/her input as well.  But, it really is about SELF reflection--as teachers, we often do certain things out of habit/what we are comfortable with and don't realize it.  When I was first videotaped, I realized that I have the tendency to stand and talk towards one side of the classroom--seeing the video made me more conscientious when I was teaching...and I would walk the room in a different pattern everyday, to get that proximity and make sure that all students knew I was talking directly to them. Dunno how much this helps...but I really like the videos as a reflective piece and a portfolio builder, as you go through your career.

It's fairly common- I know a few of my colleagues that worked on getting their National Board Certification and they were required to record themselves teaching using video cameras for their evaluation to qualify as National Board teachers.  In another county where I live the Right Start Advisor/Mentor to new teachers also offers to tape a lesson and review it with new teachers so they can work on their teaching skills together- but it's not tied to teacher ratings in this case.  My principal brings a lap top and types on our observation lesson form as we teach. 

Are they going to videotape the entire lesson?  There are schools where they only wanted to video tape certain segments to see very specific things, just like going through national board certification.  I think it all depends on what the administrator is looking for--interaction between students, how behavior issues are being handled, guided teaching-learning, independent work.  I think if there are categories that teachers and administrators set together it will be easier.  I like what Jessica mentioned that it will be an effective method if both you and the administrator/s view the tape together.



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