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Quick question: Does anyone here use video games in their classroom? If you do, what games do you use and in what ways do you use them? Short responses are perfectly acceptable!

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wii games are the best there interactive and get the children involved... very good for getting kids into school first thing will boost your attendance

Hi Erica,

I have seen an excellent outcome lesson when the students made a game themselves to play in class against each other. Working in pairs (to hel develop collaboration skills) students had to prepare 6 multichoice answer questions (4 possible answers) that were then combined to make a whole test on the normally boring subject of 'health and safety'.

Students scored when answering other pairs questions as well as having their own evaluated when being considered by the whole group.

It worked really well!!


Type into google - random activity generator.


I've used this to great effect.


It get's students to research a topic and then report/"perform" their finding as a rap or love letter, or train station announcement, This list goes on!


Great fun, but it also encourages independant study!


Gina :-)

I love using the games at http://powermylearning.org to support my students. 



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