Your Name and Title: Rusty May, School Counselor


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Area of the World from Which You Will Present: California


Language in Which You Will Present: English


Target Audience(s): K-12 teachers who want to learn more about the importance of teaching social skills and building relationships in the classroom.


Short Session Description (one line): A lively and interactive discussion about the importance of relationship in teaching and how to effectively connect to create more teachable time and better academic results.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

I’m a counselor, life coach and professional speaker who specializes in helping teachers and students create mutually beneficial educational relationships.  Education is first and foremost about the relationship between the teacher and student.  A teacher can be completely proficient with the information and still not connect with the students at the developmental level required for the information to come alive in the classroom. 

Students who come from challenging backgrounds often haven’t been taught how to bond with others, trust adults or focus in the classroom so they struggle and can take valuable teachable time away from the rest of the class. I created SchoolToolsTv (STTV) to help teachers and students connect and create the kind of relationships necessary to allow the class to achieve at the highest level possible. 

STTV focuses on emotions, manners, bullying and the basic social skills all students need to succeed.  STTV creates a conversation in the classroom that fosters a deeper and more meaningful connection between teacher and students.  In only 1 minute a day, STTV offers classrooms common sense tools and strategies they can talk about and use to acquire the skills they need to deal with the reality of their situation in the classroom and beyond. 

When all students realize it’s more about them than it is about their tests score, a safer and more positive learning environment is created in the classroom and everyone benefits.  When the show is used school wide, the entire culture becomes one of relationship and connection which makes the school safer and more conducive to other types of educational reforms.  In school, as it is in life, “It’s all about relationships”.  I have a Master’s in counseling with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential and have done over 3,000 presentations in the K-12 environment over the past 8 years.


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This looks really good, but I can't accept it for two reasons.  First, it's promoting a paid product, and second, it's not really related to the conference theme of Web 2.0 / social media in the classroom.   So sorry!


Hi Steve:

I disagree for two reasons. First, I'm not selling anything other than the idea that relationship determines results and second, why are we talking about social media in the classroom if it's not about creating more effective relationships between teacher and student.


Thanks for replying, Rusty.  If your content is associated with a service or product that you sell, it's hard not to see the session as commercial.  I totally agree about the relationship piece, it's just that this conference is focused specifically on social media and Web 2.0 use.  Stay tuned--I'm doing a "Learning 2.0" conference this summer which will be more expansive.

Sounds great Steve. Thanks



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