Hello educators and friends,
I had to write about this fantastic conference. I myself was fortunate to present my Globaldreamers (http://www.globaldreamers.org/09peace/index.html) peace project and this is the direct link to download the recording.  http://tinyurl.com/gdsession (Marsha Goren)
There were 36 educators who took part in the session and two of my former students Amit who is about to enlist to the army and has been a global dreamer since the fourth grade and Matan who is a student I taught last year. They both truly touched my heart but it really excited me when I saw Steve Hargadon get online to ask if everything was okay. Thank you so much for caring so much.
I also participated in two sessions with Dr,. Rita Oates of http://epals.com and I enjoyed both sessions with her and Tim Discipio.  It was also a pleasure for me to take part in the session with Elizabeth Simmons and see the wonderful work she is implementing in her classrooms through epals. All of these sessions can be found here.http://www.globaleducationconference.com/recordings.html
And finally I participated in the Global Virtual Classroom session with Janet Barnstable the program manager and I felt a great sense of pride since the kids and I have been involved in this marvelous program for over 5 years now.
For someone who truly believes in educating kids and teachers through the power of the Internet and technology this conference was an amazing experiece.
Steve and Lucy asked us to give awards and badges to those who deserved them , well you and everyone involved in organizing this marvelous event are certainly worthy of awards,bravo!!
The way everyone cared about making us new presenters feel at home with Elluminate was really motivating and inspiring.
With much thanks to everyone who took part in my session and in all the sesssions.
With hope for more conferenceslike this  in the future.
Peace and friendship,
Marsha Goren
Come and dream with us soon.

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What a wonderful step it is to introduce students and other educators to the power of global education. It truly breaks the "walls" of the classroom down. My classes have enjoyed working with other countries and exchanging ideas in projects that mean something.
Hi Thomas,
How nice to hear from you and I totally agree, I invite you to join our peace project , check out 2009-2010 more then 50 schools and if you like it we would love any contribution.
The authentic learning process is so powerful and meaningful to everyone involved.
Thank you,
Marsha G.



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