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Verena Roberts
CEO - Chief Education Officer

School Name: - SD73 Kamloops Business Company

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
Calgary, AB, Canada

Language in Which You Will Present:
English (but can speak French if you have a question)

Target Audience(s):

4-12  teachers, Distance Learning adminstrators, Technology Specialists, Anyone interested in Blended Learning,

Short Session Description (one line):
The Future Classroom  Blending  Online and F2F Learning

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This session will focus on how to create a “Blended Classroom” online - the Future Classroom. Based on our programs teaching International students in China, with the teachers in Canada, the teachers with had to push their “online teaching boundaries”. We use a Moodle LMS, Flipped Classroom ideas, synchronous course structure, weekly f2f videoconferencing, interactive course design, web 2.0 tools and  most importantly encourage a positive communicative digital learning environment. We also proudly developed an ESL program using the same model - TAL (Technology Assisted Learning). How do we do it? Please come and see how we can break down the four walls of the classroom and develop a new role for 21st Century Teachers together.

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Hi, Verena.  Sounds like great work.  We do have a non-commercial policy for the conference presentations, and it looks like this is a commercial session.  Am I missing something?


Hi Steve....

It's both I guess. Regardless of anyone's interest in our company... TAL Technoly Assisted Learning and blending/ remixing different tech the focus of the discussion. TAL isn't a product, it's just a way of teaching. I think that your concern is that we offer courses for credit- and students have to pay for our courses. It's no different than working for a private school - where you have to pay as well. If it is of interest, all of our profits go back to the school district.
We are working on creating an EQA standard for International students and working together with public districts and private schools to create a collaborate network.

TAL uses a blend of web 2.0 tools and encourages the teacher to take the tech resources that they have to blend technolgy onto their learning. We use Moodle as a basem but we add Elluminate, edmodo, flipped learning strategies/jing
And others...

So yes, I do sell online for credit high school courses for international students- however, I want to share the way we do it - the pedagogy and thought process, because that is all a service based on a teacher, And is not a "product". I clearly understand if you or others feel that I am trying to sell something- and if that is the case it tells me about my perception. All good either way. Thank you for this opportunity.

OK, I understand now!  :)

Thanks Steve,

I appreciate your feedback and I will focus on the "how", the process of teaching online using a Blended Learning approach - I would love some suggestions on how others are integrating online learning into their F2F classrooms- what does that "look like?" to someone else?


This is the PowerPoint Draft for the Presentation. I'm hoping that people will look it over and come with questions.




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