Free writing, or "stream of consciousness" as it is also known, can be an aid to writers who wish to help creative ideas flow and write better fiction and non-fiction.

Free writing is a great way to help avoid writer’s block, generate ideas and produce good pieces of writing. Authors who struggle with writer’s block, or would simply like a fresh way to write good fiction and non-fiction may wish to consider free writing during the creative process.

What is Free Writing?

Free writing is just the way it sounds. It is writing whatever comes to mind whether it makes sense at first or not. It can be writing the story just as it is made up, without revising it. It can be writing free form poetry. It can be writing an opinion article or essay on anything in mind. Whatever the format, free writing helps release writer’s block and prompt writing ideas.

To Write Good Fiction

Free writing can result in a great story. For an author who experiences writer’s block, free writing can help. Try setting aside a current project and opening a blank page. Or set aside the computer and have a blank sheet of paper and a pencil; physically writing may feel more free.

Write on whatever topic comes to mind. Or make up a story on the spot – it can be done. After it is written, set it aside for a short while. Read it over later and see what great writing can come from a creative mind. The piece of writing may yield great ideas to add to current writing projects, or contain great ideas for new writing projects.

Stream of consciousness is also a writing style for fiction that became more popular in the early 20th century, as seen in works such as Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway. It is a style that seeks to have the mind of the protagonist open to the reader as though he or she is eavesdropping on the character’s train of thought. Writing a piece of fiction in this way is a good project for a writer who wants to expand his or her abilities and creativity. It may also be a good way for a struggling writer to free ideas.

To Write Good Non-Fiction

Free writing can also help create good pieces of non-fiction as well as good stories. To practise non-fiction free writing, follow the guide steps by Essays Discount author Joshua Davies:

Step 1. Choose a topic and allow the mind to explore the topic;

Step 2. Write it down as the thoughts come. This can also be done without the computer to write freely without distractions.

Step 3. Leave the article alone and read it later with fresh eyes. It may be a great article that could use some revision, or it may just be kept as a piece of free writing. In either case, it can help a writer generate and release ideas.

These ideas for free writing can help an author struggling with writer’s block, or who wants to expand his or her writing abilities. Free writing is a good way to learn the stream of consciousness style and can help create good ideas.

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