The benefits of embedding technology in teaching and learning

I am zubia Mohzar teacher at Beaconhouse School System . I want to ask to share your experiences about the benefits of integrating technology in teaching .

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Hi ,

I would like to know more about what technology will you be using in teaching. As different technologies have different pros and cons in them. If you can provide a little detail in brief, it will be easy for  us to understand what problems you are facing and in what context.


Thanks for your concern.

I am currently teaching History,Geography and Mathematics to Grade 7 students. Recently i have introduced different web 2.0 in my lessons and i found them very effective for my learners. It has enhanced my students' learning and keep them motivated.
My purpose of being here is to communicate with the teachers to share the benefits of embedding technologies in teaching and learning.
Kindly share your experiences.

I use technology a great deal in my Mathematics lessons (UK age 11 to 18). Two favourites have to be the Desmos Graphing Calculator and WolframAlpha. For some more favourites, see Top >10


I appreciate the way you are moving forward towards the technology in the learning. Well I had seen some of the show on discovery about how to engage the kids in the technology in an interesting way. You must search for this . I think it would be great.


Thanks Dorothy Hastings

As I am teaching different subjects and I found that use of technology has made my life easier . Its helping me in making my students independent learner. I am feeling myself as facilitator rather than instructor. There is a positive change in my students learning style . They are feeling confident while handling technology. I have used different online quiz websites e.g TESTMOZ .COM,QUESTBASE ,Quickstar and I found it very effective for my learners. As my learners are getting instant feedback they are able to evaluate themselves . Some other online softwares i.e www.ixl .com is also very effective for maths practice . It self explanatory system also help students in making self correction

I also used different software for my history lessons e.g I used timetoast web2.0 tool to organize the events of  ww1 and ww2 . Prezi is also an effective web2.o tool for presentations .All of my students have their account on Edmodo and my students are using it in the school as well as at home.

I just want other people to share the ways they are embedding technology in their institutions and how it is helpful for their teaching and learning.


I am really impressed to hear that  there are teachers who are effectively using technology for 

achieving their targets.I am teaching students from class 1- class 5. Recently  I have started using computers to show curriculum related videos to my students and I found them very effective to clarify my students concepts .For example I have shown an animated video regarding water cycle and I felt that it enhanced the visualized learning of my students. Actually technology is facilitating teachers to a great extent as well as it is  also catering the need of individual students.Technology helps in bringing the world closer and it keeps us aware from the outer world.

Thanks for sharing! A look at whether new technologies being brought into schools are really improving the teaching and learning going on in the classroom. Information technologies can help with many learning problems and allow teachers themselves to spend more time exploring new ways to teach their subject, giving individual attention to student learning needs, etc. I have also seen few sites related to education in technology for eg . They are also contributing very well. 


I am Mrs Mir and I am working for ACE (adopt a child's education School).We are providing free of cost education to the underprivileged children.It was a wonderful experience to integrate technology into their curriculum.We bought two computers and put them in their classroom and played nursery rhymes,cartoons and taught them phonics by showing them small video clippings for each alphabet. It changed the whole scenario of my school the little suppressed souls started enjoying the time they spent with me now my classrooms are more responsive and interactive.



Its really impressive to hear that you are providing free of cost education to the underprivileged children.As you have mentioned that you are using technology to provide them education in a very effective way. No doubt technology plays a very effective role in catering the needs of different types of learners . Each individual has its unique style of learning and especially to deal with those children who come up with different social and emotional backgrounds is very challenging. Use of technology lessons teachers burden and it becomes easier for teacher to meet the demand of each type of learners .Teachers become facilitator and learners starts learning in less burdened environment.  

Hi Samina

I really appreciate your efforts as you are catering underprivileged class of our society. I am really impressed to hear the you are using technology in a very effective way. You are absolutely right that use of technology changes the whole scenario of classrooms and it shifts towards interactive classrooms in which learners have complete liberty to learn independently in their own learning style. No doubt  resource cannot take the place of teacher but effective use of technology helps teacher to motivate her students and teacher become facilitator rather than instructor. 

Dear Zubia, Good to see you around. I am very pleased to know that you have been trying different soft wares and quizzes to assess students learning. I have effectively used which is an online quiz. It allows you to design your own quiz, time it, and automated checking and instant feedback to learners and permanent record of learners' achievements with the teacher. It allows teacher to see question wise analysis, student wise analysis over a period of time and even whole class analysis. Learners can access their assigned quiz any where any time. I suggest you to try this also.

Stay blessed, 


Thanks for joining the discussion. I explored the above mentioned online quiz and I will definitely use it with my own learners No doubt students learning abilities enhanced when they are engaged in the learning process in an entertaining way. Effective use of technology helps a lot in fostering the learning abilities of learners as it enhanced motivation and attention level of students.  This year I used a varieties software and hardware and I learnt that students learnt  lot when they are involved  in exploring and evaluating the things in their own way and it has long lasting impact on their learning. As I am teaching history and Geography lesson as well , I have used variety of videos as a visual aid  I found them very effective as these videos helped in the better understanding of taught concepts

Kindly share how the use of ICT helps in fostering the learning process of your learner.



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