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 I  am a graduate student at the University of Maryland University College in the Instructional Technology master’s program.I also am in my second year teaching, as the lead Preschool teacher at my current school. My graduate classes have been focusing on the global perspectives of technology integration in education. I am reaching out to anyone to discuss the importance of technology in the classroom, especially in an early childhood classroom or a classroom outside of the United States, and how you incorporate or would like to use it in your classroom. 

I would like over a period of time get to know you, your educational system, and the use of technology that is used within your school or district. Feel free to reach out to me via email. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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I'm an undergraduate at my local university and I am taking a class on using technology in classrooms.  We recently did a project on using iPads in classrooms, and surprising from the projects we did, every grade level can use iPads in classrooms, even the early childhood students.  At the middle school in my district the students aren't exposed to much technology.  They have a media center with computers they can use and smart boards in the classrooms but that is all. 

I believe that technology in the classroom is very beneficial to students as well as the teachers. I work at the daycare and have taught two, three, and four year olds, we have computers for the teachers to use along with student computers in the classrooms. The students are able to access learning websites that are listed on there favorites tool bar. We also use to the computers with learning nursery rhymes and reading books aloud. I believe student access to technology is very important and will help them improve throughout the year.

Educational technology must be based on the objective of each scheduled class. They should learn by playing.

In the classroom technology we can discuss about Image files which are saved in the JPEG format.Are you know full form of JPEG?

We are all tech kids. No wonder, technologies has become inseparable part of human being. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to imagine our world without technologies and information age. Honestly, all these education digital tools, apps work on making studying process better. I am not against using technologies in the class. Audiobooks, videos and apps can make lessons more interactive. And even lazy kids will be interested in grammar topic with Grammaropolis (IOS) or Grammar Girl(IOS). Students are glad to use Human Editor, The Story Starter, Creativity Portal and  plagiarism detection tool while write essays at home. These tools help them to switch on creativity and express their own thoughts. Also, during our literature lessons, we practice visual essay writing, so Canva is the best variant to chose! 

Attention to a computer screen or simple manipulation of the programmed components of a developed app does not always equate to actual student learning.  While using technology, students should be the active creators and developers of the task or project rather than just passive manipulators of a program done by someone else. Having students as the actual authors of educational projects and developmental learning tools using technology would enable them to develop basic skills such as: creative thinking, critical thinking, planning, problem-solving, and decision making.  In other words, they would learn.

I teach the prek-1st grade at very large involved missions church based out of TN. Every year our children's church makes a regular trip to Panama where we have several connections sown there. We use Skype about once a month to communicate between the two children's churches. The kids really love it! 

I'm an English teacher in Brazil. My students are teens. Some time I ask them to make video clips and to send me by cel phones. I'd like to use more technology in education this is the main purpose I sing up this site.

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Gather students in teams. Give subjects to be studied. The next week calls for evaluative seminars. In a learning management.

In my opinion, technology in classroom is the need of not only in the present situation but also in the near future. Life becomes fast, an diin this fast life, everyone require the speedy process in every sector, why education sector left behind, development is the right of this sector also...

If anyone wish to look the live example or wish to use the technology in the classroom... must feel to download free classroom management app name mylyapp.

There are many benefits of mylyapp

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Teachers make class, take attendance, send messages to parents, update whole day activity of student under myly

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Look Image

We are preschool child care providers and educators. I agree that technology in classroom makes you visualize what your are learning. and how much technology help you to reach where you wan to go.

I am in India. I am an Unteacher, technology driver and edupreneur.


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