Social Studies lesson ideas that can be done online or in real-time

Here are some fun activities for social studies that can help get your student’s engaged in thinking:

Lesson idea 1


Teach the student the proper way to analyze an article:


Select an article for them to read: have them write out the main points of the article, summarize the article, explain the view point taken by the writer of the article, and select 2 ideas that you agree or disagree with and state why?

This can be followed up by setting up small groups that the students post their 2 ideas in for discussion.


Lesson idea 2

Political Philosophy

Objective: The student should develop a political philosophy based on the following premise:

What should be the balance between liberty and order that a society needs to exist?


The student’s philosophy should include a reference to the following ideas:


The relationship between the government and the state that includes:

  • Characteristics of a state
  • Reasons why governments need to be established
  • Purpose that a government exists
  • The best form of government
    • Unitary, federal, confederate,
    • Parliamentary or presidential system
    • Dictatorship or democracy
  • The concepts of democracy that the student believes in:
    • Majority rule, rule of law


Set up discussions for the students using the following Resources:

  • Ideas from the Declaration of Independence
  • Recognition of the early compacts and documents that provided the basis of our political experience- Mayflower Compact, Petition of Right, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, Maryland toleration Act, and English Bill of Rights
  • Analyze the three basic ideas that the English acquired from the Magna Carta, Petition of Right and the English Bill of Rights
  • Explain the role of compromise in a political system
  • Federalist 71 and its ideas
  • Agree or disagree with the six basic principles upon which the American Constitution was written
  • Examine the Bill of Rights
  • Discuss the amendment process and whether it should be changed
  • Agree or disagree with the concept of federalism, division of powers and concurrent powers.
  • What should be the relationship between the state and federal government that includes: obligations of the federal government to the states, the relationship between the states


Describe the key ideas from the discussions and readings above that you would predicate your government on and why it would be the most efficient form of government



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Thanks for this! Do you think these activities would work best for individual work or as collaborative group work?

I like to use a collaborative group work. Here is something I also incorporated into group work. If there were dissenting opinions they were to be mentioned in the groups report too!



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