Anyone want to offer up any advice, tips or experiences they have had with the SmartBoard Response Systems? We have two sets of 32 now in our school and I am looking for good ways to use them in class.

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Hi Jonathan. I am not sure what grades you need help with but and offer all their K-6 online products as projectable onto your whiteboard. They offer over 10,000 resources. Content includes leveled readers and leveled science units. It is the only science program that offers the same content at three readability levels. You can use your smartboard tools to enhance the tools they include with their projectables - highlighter, pen and stamps. Both are subscription sites but they are less per year than the cost of one textbook for a student and you get unlimited access for that year.
Thanks. I teach 4th Grade. Those resources look promising, but I am specifically interested in how people use the student response systems (clickers) in the classroom, how often they use them, what kind of feedback they get from the students, etc.

Hi Jonathan.  Every classroom in my building has a set.  They are really convenient for quizzes/tests/exit tickets.  You no longer have to grade by hand or run scantrons through the machine.  I use them 2-3 times a week.  When you export the students results, it shows you all of their answers in a nice spreadsheet, so you can easily identify ares where you may need to "reteach".  They are really easy for the kids to use.

SMART Response/Senteo clickers are great to use to get all your students involved in your instruction. You could have a lesson and then ask a few questions to make sure all your students understand your lesson. The SMART Response/Senteo clickers also work great for giving a test. Give all your students a paper copy and then have the students answer the test questions on the clickers. At the end the students can know their grade (if you allow it) as well as your test is graded for you.

There is a SMART Response/Senteo Ning group with tutorials, videos, training and ideas at
Thanks, That was helpful. I like the test idea on paper but electronic responses. Less grading!
Hey Jonathan,

I have a set of clickers in my classroom that I absolutely love. I teach physics, so I can use it to check the students' homework in the beginning of class. I ask them to key in their answers to each one. I can instantly get a sense of how well the kids did.

In class, I ask questions right after new topics to see how well they get it, and to see if I need to come up with an alternate explanations. I use them for review games at the beginning of periods, or on days before tests/quizzes to keep the kids engaged while going over the same old stuff.

Check out this blog post, where I wrote about how I use the data that comes out of it!

Thanks Mike. An interesting read.
I have had Clickers for two years. Last year I used them all year long. Quiz show format, tests, oral pop quizzes, etc. This year, my kids are too immature to use them. I have had horrible test scores with them. Then I started having kids write their answers on paper. Then we get out the clickers and enter the choices. Big discrepancy between paper answers and the answers put in the clickers. I don't know what the kids are doing to get it so wrong. It took twice as long to test and I couldn't trust the grades in the cllickers. By Christmas we gave up. Haven't used them since! Maybe next year! I teach 4th grade too!
So, did they just mess around and pick any answer with the clickers? Was that the issue?
What age are the students? Are they unable to take their answers from paper and put them onto the clickers or are they messing around?
I have no idea why my 4th graders can't use the clickers. About 7-8 did it right. I do not know what the others were doing. I gave them plenty of time. One problem is that they were not checking what letter they pushed by looking in the little window. I reminded them after each one. Step by step...putting the answers in. I may try again after our state test in April. I have the same problems with multiple choice tests this year. They just guess, except for the 7-8 that actually read the tests. Major immaturity, I guess. I have never had this problem before. We just finished multiplcation of 3 digits by 2 digits. They knew how to do it on the practice test. I gave them the chapter test the next day, and all but the 7-8 kids bombed it. Every problem was done differentl and made no sense.. We analyzed the way they figured the problems to show where they went wrong. I don't know why the kids are doing what they are doing. Rushing? Not reading? Guessing? Retest on Monday!

Hi Jonathan,

I have always enjoyed turning the smartboard into a whole classroom game. I am capturing those games that work especially well on my blog at

Hope you find it useful.



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