I am interested in hosting a Poetry Slam on Skype.  I teach in an urban school district, and I will be teaching poetry through hip-hop as an opening project this year.  Was very successful last year-hoping for the same this year.  I am interested in extending this to a Skype Poetry Slam.  I teach tenth graders, but am interested in any high school level classroom in America or abroad.  Anyone interested?

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You should check out Brave New Voice. I am at the international youth poetry slam with 500 poets from around the world. We start our competition today. I would also be interested in skyping a poetry slam. Let me know what you think of Brave new voices.
I taught brave new voices in my English and Speech and Drama classes! It is so valuable for my students. I teach in an urban setting and they felt power through these young brave voices. Can you tell me more about your competition? Will it be webcasted?Do they have a website?
I would love to plan a skype poetry slam with you. It sounds like you have great experience.
My email: lattanzio.Michele@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you!
My poets all graduated so I will be in a rebuilding year and not quit sure what that will look like. I would love to keep in touch and see what we can work out. I am also with Discovery Education and went to a symposium in Boston last week about technology in the schools. I would like to hook up with some other schools and make connections with technology also. Do you do much with technology in your school? Let's keep in touch and see what we can't work out. I will be home next week and will have a better idea about school in a couple of weeks.

I am interested.  I also would love for your students to share their poetry on a new social networking poetry site for teens I launched:






Cool Web site. I signed up. I'll see if I can get some poets to sign up. Thanks.
Thanks so much. Just launched it a few days ago.. Alex
Wow how innovative. I really enjoy poetry slams and putting it online for other people in the world to see and hear is even better. Poetry slams really get kids juices flowing. They help students express themselves in the way they want their peers and teachers to see them. Many students have a hard time putting their ideas in  essays and on paper. This way they can get their ideas out and still be heard. I have heard recently that Skype is planning on making a "Skype for Educators" this way predators will not be able to as easily access the students, which will make it a much safer environment on-line.



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