We posted a discussion earlier about Skype in the classroom, and we did not seem to get a good responce to it and we are wondering if there has been any movements with Skype in education.

Also if anyone would like to Skype with our school we are open to ideas from anyone, keeping it on education ofcoarse.

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I work with a State of Ohio Education Technology Agency, affiliated with our local PBS station. Next week we are running a professional development workshop on Skype in the classroom. I would love to connect, during the workshop, with a teacher who has used Skype. Could anyone help us out? Thanks!
Well, I reallize that I am way too late for this. I hope you found someone. But I do Skype in the classroom and would be happy to participate in things like this. I am actually showing Skype to some of my colleagues in a couple of weeks. Anyway, if you need something like this again, let me know. I have a third grade class in Kansas;  dgreen@usd266.com. My Skype name is dorothy.green9

I would like to Skype with you.  Please send me an email at PSarell@gmail.com.

Would any third grade class like to Skype with a class from California?  My email is PSarell@gmail.com and my Skype name is carveracademy.

We use Skype to give our students a chance to share their culture and practice their English.  We are a bilingual school in Peru.  We Skype with English speaking schools and we exchange cultural information like the story of our flag, a folk dance,  typical dishes, some of our anumals.  They told us about Thanksgiving, historical sites in Philadelphia, important facts about New Jersey.  We also SKyped with a school in Virginia that is learning Spanish.  Our pre-k connected with our school in Chile and they sang songs in Engish to each other.

Hi Grace Gorman,

I would be happy to skype with your students sometime.  I am a technology integration teacher in a small, private Catholic School.  Students begin Spanish in kindergarten so they know how to say a basic greeting and have some exposure to simple conversational Spanish  We'd be interested to hear more about your country and at this time of year, especially enjoy singing and sharing songs.  We are doing a very short project in fourth grade  http://www.earthcircles.weebly.com  if you are interested in taking a picture of a lit candle with or without a student and sharing it with us, we'll include it on our google map.

This is an exciting idea, I think it is beneficial too 

I never really thought of skype as a classroom tool, I used to just think of it as a a social networking device. I believe it would be great if students could become pen pals with other students in different countries and then were allowed to skype at the end to put a face to the writing! How would you go about connecting with teachers in different countries?

I've had some great experiences with Skype in the past. Just two weeks ago I was able to Skype with former NFL Quarterback and Superbowl MVP, Kurt Warner.  I "met" him on Twitter and he asked his followers if anyone used Skype. I replied that I had a room full of middle schoolers that would love to ask him a few questions.  A few days later, I had Kurt Warner discussing responsible use of social media, talking a little football, and answering a variety of questions.  It was a memborable experience. [See the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBRxQLi-GvY]

Also, a few years ago, I had a student leave to live in Singapore for a couple years.  One day, we decided to Skype he and his family with the fellow classmates.  They had a blast seeing him.  It was great to hear the student talk about his experience.  The kids were thrilled.  [See the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX81R6smJvY]

Has anyone had difficulty with getting your district to allow Skype?  My district will not allow Skype due to security problems. Anyone else?  Any solutions?



I would like to add/suggest a new resource for Skype, a search engine to connect Skype users by their occupation & profession, hobbies, about, etc (not their name) which can be of value for people to find others by who they are/what they do rather than a simple whitepages. search-skype.com


we have just started Skyping with a school in China, my students study Chinese in Sydney, Australia.  Its working well so far, but the line drops out occasionally.  Here's my Skype project page if you want to have a look at the Youtube clip, I'll add the youtube link as well in case it doesn't work.  



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