I am wondering what tools to use to teach math to a traveling student.

I would like to be able to "write" math problems out, for us to view and work on together---


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Khan Academy might show you some good examples of how to teach online. To practice math concepts, I like my students to use IXL.com

Hope that helps.

Thanks John - I do like IXL - I would like an easy, in the moment interactive way to teach math across skype, or google chat---where I can have the camera on the math---as if, a student is looking at a whiteboard.  So far, I think I will rig up a webcam and be able to aim the camera at the document - like a document camera online? hmmmm

Do you want some sort of online whiteboard? Maybe screenr or something similar?

This on online whiteboards remains one of the most popular posts on my blog.

thanks - this looks super!

Noticing that I have had a few visits recently as a result of my post above I thought people might be interested in a post I wrote today. I wrote that original online whiteboards post some considerable time ago, yet it remains popular - so I thought time for a revsit - a totallly revised & updated post here:

Writing Mathematics Online

whilst my own particular interest is Mathematics - the sites I have discussed could be used for any subject.



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