I spoke about this in the past. Its now a reality. Brevardschools.org now has implemented RBAC!


What this means: All our staff will have access to Youtube for example and Students will still be filtered per CIPA requirements!   This is a Win Win; educators get the content they need to share with students. Remember we can't control the content on Web 2 applications like YouTube. Along with Web2 inappropriate content issues, also comes Malware ( Malicious Software) threats! 

Malware is a serious issue for anyone on the internet and its getting worse. Last year a NY City School District was attacked by cyber criminals and initially lost $ 3.8 Million. They got lucky and saw it happening and were able to cut losses with very fast response!  That never happens!  

In another case, a Chicago School District lost $300,000 to a computer virus. Everyone must also realize that Anti Virus wont protect you much anymore, in a recent study by NSS labs stated that its only about 38% effective! Look into Dynamic White listing.... It allows what users actually need and blocks other attempts to take control of your system. 


Educating users to not get scammed in the first place is now more critical than ever!



Brevard Public Schools Info Sec Page



QAKBOT.....Example of dangerous data stealing Malware. It steals $$$$$....



On my links above...........This is a trusted site, but always remember.....................

The latest browsers will often alert you if you attempt to go to a suspect site from a web link, You can also use McAfee Site Advisor to see when your Google search results are pointing to bad stuff! 

Cyber Criminals love to have us click on links that point to bad stuff, it loads and takes over your system. Please browse and search carefully! Also beware of FREE software and FREE Music ist often filled with MALWARE!!!!


Thanks for listening!!!!!


George Grachis CISA, CISSP

Brevard Public Schools





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