As teachers and parents - can you help me?
I would like to know which are the topics that generate most homework assignments?

I am not discussing the importance or role of homework given, I'd just like to know where is is usually given?

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As a former elementary teacher, I can say that most teachers in my school gave math homework nightly. There was also some type of Language Arts homework, such as a reading assignment from a book of the child's choice. At other times teachers might ask students to think about what they already knew or research something about topics in social studies or science.
As far as I recall, Math and English are 2 areas where my son got most work. Language was in the form of reading a few pages every night. Math was usually working on 2 pages. This was true from Grades K-3.

Grade 4-5, it expanded to music practice. Violin practice, yes, that was painful. :) He also got some social science, and science projects like building models.

I am a parent.
Hi Jane and Aparna, thanks for your replies. You both referred to social studies or social science which are topics I am not familiar with. What does these studies include? What type of homework is it?

Thanks again.
Our school really tries to limit homework. Here is what is typically given.

Reading - Read 20 minutes each night (some teachers require students to fill in a reading log and have parents sign)
Math - One worksheet that is part of our Everyday Math curriculum
Spelling - Study for spelling test (normally assigned Wednesday night)
Writing - Five sentences on any topic due Friday (we give time in class to complete if students are done their work)

Study for any tests as needed. There is no science or social studies homework given. I teach science and I might ask students to watch local weather during our weather unit and be willing to share any connections they see. During our animal unit I might give them a week plus weekend to watch one show about animals and be prepared to discuss.

Hope that helps!

Eve Heaton
Mossy Oaks Elementary School



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