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I'd love to hear your input about ways we can most effectively use the K-12 Online Conference Ning (k12online.ning.com) this year for our conference to facilitate conversations about presentations. We are currently finalizing our presentation publication procedures for presenters in the 2009 conference, and I've attached a graphic showing these proposed steps.

We have set up separate groups for presentations in each "strand" for the conference. I have noticed that the Mobile version of Ning (k12online.ning.com/m) does not show groups, however, but does show forum posts. We'd like to have conference conversations and activity as accessible and visible as possible, for as many people, in as many places, on as many devices as we can.

With these goals in mind, I'm wondering is if we should change "step 8" of our flowchart for presenters sharing their videos on K-12 Online to adding embedded presentation videos as FORUM posts inside a category created for each strand of the conference, instead of adding them within a group? Or, should presenters add their presentations in both places: In the forum category for their strand and in their strand group?

I guess I'm not sure what the role of "GROUPS" should be in the K12Online Ning. We don't want to separate conversations about presentations into TOO many places, but at the same time we want to give people different options which are very accessible to view and download conference content as well a discuss it.

Our PR committee has created a K-12 Online Conference Facebook fan page, and we know LOTS more teachers are using Facebook today than ever before. Do you think we should ask presenters to cross-post / embed their presentations as new discussions on Facebook as well?

What are your thoughts and suggestions? THANKS! :-)

Co-Convener, K-12 Online Conference 2009

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