I am exploring the use of QR Codes in the classroom.  Unfortunately, until the ipod touch has a camera I don't see it as a feasible tool for classroom use (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the 4th gen. itouch with a camera). 


Has anyone use QR Codes in class?  If so any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Try here for a start... http://mrrobbo.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/qr-codes-in-education/

I've also done a treasure hunt for staff but this required in some cases mobile phones to decode the QR Code but also inetrnet access (that we provide wireless access for). You could use a laptop with QR Code reader software via webcam. Something like http://www.quickmark.com.tw/En/basic/downloadPC.asp may suit your needs.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, I never thought of going the webcam route. I was thinking of having posters, maps, political cartoons, etc. all tagged with QR Codes in my classroom. I appreciate the comment and help.
Did Quickmark for PC work for you. I had problems.
I'm looking for a desktop app. Have you tried Icandy's desktop app? I tried Quickmark for desktop with no luck. Not sure if download blocked by firewall.
I see that the 4gen IPOD Touch has a camera. Were you able to purchase one to use QR codes in the classroom. I am trying to use it in the media center. Would love to explore use in the classroom.

I was able to get my hands on an itouch4...and it works!  I was actually presenting QR Codes at MassCue this year and someone in the audience had an itouch4 and let me use it during the presentation.  Here is a link to the presentation if you are interested: http://goo.gl/OtKI8


Great presentation. I'd love for other teachers and media folks, to be able add to your slideshow with the ways we are using QRs. I was able to download Quickmark on my laptop. I believe that the problem with the desktop at school was the firewall. I also downloaded Icandy on my laptop to compare the readers. Now to find where I put my webcam. Thanks.
Have you seen Tom Barrett's QR Codes - part of the Interesting Ways series?
Thanks for the post. I forgot all about it. Great ideas. Been so busy trying to get the app to work. Cybrary Man just posted a page of resources on QR codes today. I haven't had a chance to go through that yet.
I would also recommend Tom Barrett's Interesting Ways QR Code presentation.

Yes, Tom's presentation was very helpful. A colleague just emailed that she learned from her students that many of the latest DSI games have a QR scanner app. She's planning to have them use them at a school event. Thanks for your help.

Wow, awesome presentation! Tremendous job. I've saved this one for future use/reference. I think QR codes are great, but the technology infrastructure isn't common enough to make it a viable classroom tool unless devices are provided to students. I'm waiting for the day when I CAN use QR codes in my classroom.



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