Providing web design courses with a place to host their (advanced) student sites?

Our college is struggling with the best way to provide web design students (using Dreamweaver and some advanced programming tools and techniques) the ability to have their sites hosted in the most cost efficient manner that allows their sites to be viewable publicly (by prospective employers, for example), and stay available for a year or more. Their is strong resistance to site hosting services because of costs (even though I know many of them a pretty inexpensive). There is concern about doing it internally because of high potential support requirements and possible network performance degradation or security issues. Anyone have any insight on this, or any idea where to learn more about what other schools might be doing?

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I use (10 years?) and have been 100% happy with them. My site is always available and fast! They have great customer service, I don't know how much I pay I think less than 10 a month---you might check them out.
Hi Rosie -

Here's a post I did in October listing 5 low cost, well rated web hosting companies. Hopefully some of them support My SQL within their low cost hosting solutions. Good luck!
I recently moved all of my hosting to hostingzoom after being with another host for many years. Been thrilled with the pricing tiers, customer support and service.



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