Recently in my masters of Education class we have been discussion the use of cell phones in the classroom for an educational purpose. I wanted to know what are some opinions out there regarding this topic? If you are for the use of cell phones what are some of the positive / effective ways they are used?

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As cell phones get more powerful they become more useful in the classroom. Most now are well beyond the power of Palm Pilots even 5 years ago. However, I have to see any really compelling reasons, beyond some university-study tech that will never make it to my classroom, to use them.

I have used them for class polls using polleverywhere and there is potential for things like using them as "buzzers" and for texting in short answers that you don't want shared aloud. For now, it is mostly a novelty but hey, nothing wrong with adding some excitement to your classroom.
Kev, Just curious....Does your school have a policy on cell phone use? If so, how do you get around it?
I used to not understand how or why K-12 teachers would use cell phones in the classroom. But then we got a couple of sets, and now I totally get it. We use them for digital storytelling (videos), podcasting, geotagging photos and videos when in the field, surfing the Web, polling devices, etc.

I wrote a blog post on pretty much everything we've done (or considered doing) with our phones. It includes some specific lesson plans for various grade levels. You can read it here.
Thanks, Phyllis! I'm glad the blog was of some help.
Before reading your blog I was unaware how useful cell phones can actually be in the classroom! You definitely made a valid point that it's a tool teachers do not need to teach and can focus on the content of the lesson, which is great! Thanks for sharing your blog with us and thanks for the resources given on there!
I agree cellphones can be used fro digital story telling, podcasting and more. They are great resources for children to use and learn while having fun,
I recently got my students to use their mobile phones to take photos of the lolly DNA molecules ( a practical activity that they were required to complete and then write a report) first they were freaked that a teacher said it was ok to use their phones...but they got over that pretty quick. My argument is why not? they have them in their pockets (despite the school rule being keep them in your locker) why not use them...then that way the school doesn't need to waste money purchasing a class set of digital cameras!
Great idea! Did most of your kids have cell phones? My students are K-8th so less chance they would all be "equipped" but my 2 high school daughters would LOVE it! Did you hear any parent feedback?
I'm definitely for the use of mobile technologies in the EFL/ESL classroom. Depending on the phone and accessibility to the Internet, taking pictures, recording video and/or voice, and sharing documents all have an obvious benefit in my book. Also, tweeting (and hashing) via cell phone brings connectivity to a new level, both in and outside of class.
I recently wrote an article on how to use cell phones in the classroom. If you are interested, you should read that. It has ideas on how to use them in the classroom with students.
Thanks for sharing your article! I was actually unaware of the educational apps that some smartphones offer and their potential use and benefits in the classroom.
Mine? Click the link in my post.



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