I support elementary gifted students and am looking for some interesting, thought-provoking on-line math sites to challenge my students. Any suggestions?

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Hello Laurel,
I've been looking at www.visualmathlearning.com and have found that it is helpful. I would caution that the student understand the principle behind the game in order to avoid just clicking (trial & error).
Perhaps not directly related but still interesting: http://edurealms.com/?p=55
If you are thinking of giving your child some math during the summer, http://www.goldstudent.com/ can be a good tool for you. You can think of a way to reward them for the worksheets they complete. It is amazing how well a reward can help.

GoldStudent.com is a fun, easy and effective online math enrichment and assistance program for students K-6. It is designed to help children improve their problem-solving skills, gain confidence in their math abilities and have fun while they learn.

We have just launched our Free Trial! You can now create an account without any charges.

I have put all my own favourite games resources here including many excellent games from the nrich site.
Not a game per se but check out The Khan Academy http://www.khanacademy.org/

Hey - check out our Aha!Math - online digital math for K-5, designed to build fluency as well as conceptual thinking. We're offering a Sampler (includes our science and technology literacy solutions as well) with free Teacher Accounts here: http://bit.ly/n722gb

Aha!Math provides educational games, as well as instruction modules, lessons and quizzes for teachers. All K-2 content is delivered in games - with feedback and multiple levels of play. Check out Rivercrossing - a great game that requires students to use critical thinking skills to reach their goal.

You can get a good overview of Aha!Math and see sample curriculum here: http://bit.ly/or1ZE4


I have been using internet rpgram called Penda for my students and my own children.  It has game like content that provides rigor as well as remediation.  The other good part of Penda is that it has data that can be retrieved and has data that supports ita affectiveness.  Take a look when you get a chance.   www.pendalearnng.com



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