What might be the best way to view the Obama inauguration online and to project it on a screen for classes to watch?

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I'm a teacher too and was wondering the same...let me know if anyone answers this question.


Steve, Las Vegas
Just go to www.linklive.org and you find what you are looking for.
Great! Will check if http://linklive.org/ is blocked from the school network. (YouTube is blocked.) If not, the site should work. Fran
Thanks for the link. After the speech is delivered, the best presentation of political speeches can be found at the NY Times. They put a linked transcript and outline alongside the video itself. Take a look at Sarah Palin's speech to see how it works. Great for the classroom. I wonder how long it will take them to get the inaugural posted.
I will have my classes watch from the internet on CNN Live
CNN is not interactive.
linklive.org is interactiv and your school can be part of it.
Thanks for that info. As the Library Teacher (politically correct these days: Library Media Specialist) I am going to look into linklive.
I am a Teacher Librarian in a K-5 building and we are also looking into showing the inauguration from the web. I understand that CNN will have the ceremony, etc., but does anybody know of an elementary level site that would have discussion information or other materials for teachers? Thanks in advance.
Scholastic.com has a lot of info on the inauguration for elementary students.
Do you anticipate any difficulties with bandwidth if everyone tries to watch at the same time?
The NYCDOE will be working with ABC News to provide NYC schools with a live Internet video stream of the presidential inauguration. This is great news. A technician is going to check if we have a large enough bandwidth, which I think we do. I am going to prepare a brief lesson for my 2nd and 3rd grade classes for the students to go online before hand to enrich their understanding of the event.
In January 20, watch Obama Inauguration 2009 - Live Online



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