I am interested in using Ning with students. What have people done or ideas they have had?

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can you send me links to your ning network or any other blogging networks/links you have?
Hi Rita,
If I want to have six seperate classes do I have to create an administrator and home page for each? How exactly do you control student's use? Can they set up their own pages within your network and you can monitor? Will it automatically set up an alphabatized "blogroll". I understand you invite them by email and they have an access code. Will that be different than a code I have to publish? I suppose I just have to explore, but if you have any tips that would really help.
No. You personally only need one account. You can make multiple NING sites using that account. You just need to know the URL for each NING site you make. I copy the URL and make a shortcut on my desktop to each NING site. You could also just add each site to your favorites. I add links to the class NING sites on my webpage so students can easily click their way to their classroom NING site. I name them after their class name: Room 5, etc. I don't have them make up their own pages, but since they have their own accounts I guess they could, but it wouldn't be part of your room's account. They could do it and you wouldn't know it I believe. I haven't used the blog, but I believe if you use it it functions as any other blog. When you invite the students to join the NING room, they create their own account and are part of that homeroom site. Since they have a NING account they could join other public sites like anyone else. Their account includes a logon and password. They must be at least 13 I believe. Any more specific questions, just post on the blog.
Hi Lyn,

Today I excitedly started inviting my students by assigned periods/groups to joing my ning network. I invited them by making up six individual periods into their own groups and then inviting friends for each. However, when I go to my main page and press members, they all show up on the main page.

I only want students to access to their indivdual groups/periods. I thought I could do this as an administrator? Can anyone please tell me what I have done wrong???

I was able to invite them to the group, but they are still showing up on the main page which I don't want to happen, because then they will start chatting with their friends from other classes.

Please help help help
You can remove the chat function from your network- go to manage features to do that... that will keep them from being able to chat...might help? To have students only access their group/periods, I suggest you create different networks for each as has been suggested...But if the information is repetitive, you are making alot more work for yourself to manage the network-s-
I made groups on one URL, is that why all members are shown? Is there a way to manage members now that they have already joined?
Your history roles and discussions assignments sound really interesting. I believe our students will only get better at learning curriculum using these social media sites. We are teaching most of them how to use NING and other sites now, but soon they will all know how to use them and which sites are best, etc.
Hi Rita,
Can you send me the link for this history assignment, I'd love to see it.

Yes. I have done this for the past 4 years and have never had a problem with it. In fact my students love it and it has been quite successful. It gives them a social forum that is private, secure, and moderated by ME. I must approve all videos and pictures, can control members, discussions, and more. My students love it and it gives them a space to blog, share with their peers, and I have even used it to post and share class projects. Only catch is the students MUST have an email to participate, so this is an optional thing for kids in my classroom. Good luck. I'd be happy to share more.
Hi L,
Very new to all this. To control student comments and responses, they should only respond on you ning site?
Do you have to invite each one indivdually by email? I was hoping I could have them create their own ning sites, but I'm not sure if I can administer and control content. Can this be done in Ning?

I'm trying to select a good blog site, that allows for pictures, creativity, and othe things besides just writing.
I've seen teacher's blog sites and they students sites linked and in alphabetical order. Can I use ning for this or do you reccomend another blogging site. How do I create a multi user account, that allows me to administer student's blogs but still gives them freedom to be creative? And do I list all student accounts on my blog site?
Any advice would be welcomed.
Eric Silvern
Yes, I recommend NING for all of this and you can control all content on your members sites. You must send an invite to students email for them to join. You have total control as the administrator of your network.

You invite each student idividually to the site you make for their class. I just wrote down each student's e-mail address next to their name on a class list.
I haven't done anything with students making their own NING sites. They could do this, but then they would be admin, and they would control it. They could block you and may make it so you couldn't see what you are doing. I don't see a lot of educational advantage of them making their own NING, but there must be some. If you want them to create, have them create their own website then they learn to develop webpages and html if you teach them that.
I really like NING for being able to add videos and pictures. You can add anything you have on your hard drive like that. There must be a size restriction, but I've add a lot of large videos and pictures and can still add more. They really add a lot.
Once you make a NING account, you create your site making it the way you want. You will see a link on the page, I believe the bottom right corner, where you can make another NING site, etc.
You could make links to students' sites or blog sites on your NING.



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