I am interested in using Ning with students. What have people done or ideas they have had?

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I use Ning with my advanced art students. On the page, I RSS feed from several current online art magazine sites to help guide my students to great information on the web. They also post their artwork for review on the site. Homeworks and announcements add to their use. Overall, I find that the best use is when I ask them to respond to a work of art. They can read what other students are thinking/saying, and all responses elevate in quality as a result. Hope this helps! Oh- I also post my power point shows on the site so students can go back and review resources...
Hi C.,
I just discovered Ning and am bursting with ideas. My first big question; how can I control student's use. If I invite them by their email, will I be able to control content at all? Can I have students create their own accounts that I can adminster or monitor? I am most concerned about chatting and inappropiate conversations.
Is there a better platform or blog network to use for online discussions? I want students to have their own blogs, but i want to set up controls for use.
You will be able to control the content as the administrator of the network. You will be able also to view all activity, etc. Their email is only required to set them up in the network. There is no other tie to their email afterwards. The students are assigned their own page in addition to the one you have created, but so far as my experiences are, only those in the invited group can access them, and I just went to one of my students pages and could delete a comment that was posted there... so you should have control there as well. On the main page, if students want to upload photos, I have to approve them first, so when they try- it comes to my inbox for approval first. I have changed the settings in the forum so that the discussions in the student forum category can be started by students. Ive just put the fear of god into them to be appropriate. I have approximately 20 members so its pretty easy to manage, and I really like the controls I have in ning. Hope this jumbled mess makes sense! :D
I use NING for my Grades 7, 8 and 9 special needs students. I use the forum mostly. I use videos and pictures that I upload and give them assignments to write paragraphs and personal responses. The magic in the forum is that students and I can discuss their writing and only they can change it. This produces a situation where they naturally self-edit. Their peers being able to see their writing motivates them to do their best. I create NING accounts for each classroom so only the students in their class can see their work. I also make it so they must be invited to join the NING classroom for security. I love it and it has really helped my students improve their writing. When they finish their assignments, I let the students add pictures they like and chat so it makes it their place. I know there are other sites, but I like NING for my Jr. high students.
Sounds great! What does your layout look like? What tabs do you have?
I just discoverd Ning and am bursting with ideas. First, how can I set up ning accounts for each class, I have six?
Can they create their own nings which I can monitor? Or can they only interact with my ning site? Is ning best for forum discussions or can it be used for blogs.
If not have you found a good blog site. I see teacher's home pages for blogs and they have all the student blogs linked and in alphabetical order. I'm very new to this 2.0 world and I have not yet learned how to do this. I guess it's called a multi user account. Can you do this on ning or would you reccomend another site for this.
Thanks in advacnce.
I thought I was replying directly to you, please see my comment that I accidently wrote for McdouglasC underneth your post.
Hi Lyn,
Thank you for comment. So you have a ning page for each class.So by inviting students to joing how does that help you administer site? Are they given a different password to enter then yours? And then they can interact but not change or alter the format?
Do they also have their own ning accounts? From all I've been reading, it seems like students might get out of control and can be difficult to monitor if they have own page. I'm concerned mainly about chatting, an inappropiate topics, pictures, if they have their own site.
So I'm curioius to learn how they can post on your site but not have any other control of your page.
As the NING classroom site admin you can choose what you want the students to have access to. If you don't want them chatting, you shut that off. If you don't want them blogging then you shut that off. You can also choose if you want them to be able to add pictures or not. You can also make it so you must OK everything before it is posted if you want. I don't do it that way. Too much work. I've had very few problems, and you can delete pictures and comments you don't want on the NING site. I mostly use the Forum. Each student has their own NING account. Making the site private instead of public and inviting helps secure it, because no one else knows the site exists and they cannot join it or view it without my invite. Each classroom has their own NING site and I would suggest this is the way to go unless you want all your students interacting on the same topics, which may be desirable.
Hi Lyn,
as you'll se at top of discussion I got Ning up and running and tomorrow will introduce it to classes.
Thanks for your great suggestions.
Hi Lyn,
If you have six seperate classes, how would you divide them up? Would you have to have a an administrator,welcome page, profile for each class or can you use the same? Once you invite students in, can they create pages that you can monitor? How do you like a blogroll to show students names on your page?
Hi World,

I will post on my own discussion, that I've had on this topic but not sure if it shows up on top. Today I excitedly started inviting my students by assigned periods/groups to joing my ning network. I invited them by making up six individual periods into their own groups and then inviting friends for each. However, when I go to my main page and press members, they all show up on the main page.

I only want students to access to their indivdual groups/periods. I thought I could do this as an administrator? Can anyone please tell me what I have done wrong???

I was able to invite them to the group, but they are still showing up on the main page which I don't want to happen, because then they will start chatting with their friends from other classes.

Please help help help



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