Hello everyone,

    My name is Dan from Buffalo NY.  I am disabled due to a rare spinal condition that has aged my spine 3x my age.  I am 45 and it has been estimated that my spine is about 130.  Needless to say, I am in a lot of pain and can only sit up for short periods of time.


     What I am looking for (with my Mac) is voice to text software that I can use to write stories with.  I plan to write short stories, novels and screenplays.  I need advice on what to use.  I am not computer savvy (I didn't know my mac had text edit until someone showed me).  So, I am not real sound with how to do stuff and need pretty basic answers.  Is there any free software that can be used?  Since I am disabled, I can't work anymore and only get SSD right now (until 65, then my pensions kick in, but that's a long time away).  

     I refuse to just give up on my dream.  Just because my body is breaking down doesn't mean my mind has to.  So, this is very important to me.  Any software you tell me to use would have to be able to handle standard creative writing needs.  Dialog, paragraphs etc.  I know screenwriting might just be a template speciality, so, I will have to see if the writing program you have me look into can handle templates, but, one problem at a time.  I have a lot of great ideas and with technology so great now, I am hoping that what is in my head might be able to be read or seen (in the case of movies) by others.  

thank u all in advance for any help.  I know everyone is busy.  It is really appreciated.


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I don't know the Mac that much, sorry can't help you there.  Dragon - Nuance has voice recognition for the Mac but it is pricey.

I would recommend you try to contact the University of Buffalo, Center for Assistive Technology.  They may have someone who has knowledge of Macs and can direct you to the right software.  If they have a lab you may be able to try out some of their equipment/software before you decide to buy (many AT centers provide this service to make sure the equipment works for the user before they buy).  Their contact info can be found at: http://atto.buffalo.edu/registered/ProjectInfo.php

Good luck, Ynez



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