Most teachers ask their students to switch off their mobile phones. But why? It's their way of communicating. What if we approach it from a new perspective and ask our students: "Please, switch on your mobile phones". What if we would start to talk their language!


With Shakespeak I met many professors who start to do so. In The Netherlands we're already serving a number of Dutch universities with our product. This tool allows you start a dialogue with your audience. A PowerPoint plugin can be dowloaded for free and as a teacher you can start asking your students for a vote or reaction. Students use their mobile phone to respond [via TXT, Internet or Twitter] and results come in instantly and are automatically integrated on your screen.


Research shows that students are more involved in the study subject and professors are able to create a lively discussion and in the same time measure knowledge gaps.


Since we just launched our product and from a co-creation perspective, I'm interested to hear how you think the product can be used and improved. You can find a free download at

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I'm all for using mobile devices in the classroom as long as there are no barriers for students such as connectivity costs and blocked sites.  I specifically like to idea of using backchannelling (projecting Twitter posts while class is going on) to generate deeper discussions.
In this case there is none - the school or teacher pays for the download, students can react for free via Twitter and/or Internet [one singe web page] or TXT. In the case of a TXT message you only pay the normal TXT fee [no additional costs].



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