I'm looking for examples of Internet safety lessons to do related to any of the following topics: identity and privacy, computer security, posting student work online, and plagiarism. Any examples of work that you would be willing to share would be much appreciated! Either comment here or send me an email directly at: wkist@kent.edu

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This website is helpful http://www.wiredsafety.org/

My students (7th and 8th grade) create podcasts about copyright and plagiarism. ReadWriteThink and Thinkfinity have some good lesson ideas and resources for plagiarism and internet safety.
Thanks for your reply! Do you have time to respond in the next couple days to some questions via email? I'm on deadline for my book and would like to hear more about your podcast project. Email me at: wkist@kent.edu
I searched 'Internet Safety' on Yacapaca and got two pages of results. You will need to register first. Here is a preview of a personal safety/personal conduct quiz and there are a few more previews here (scroll to the bottom of the page) Hope this helps.
I recently did a two-day program for 7th and 8th grade students, a cyber safety workshop for teachers and a focus group for 5th grade parents. Most of the topics revolved around digital citizenship. For links and resources, check my web site and blog. The curriculum and activity portion of my two-day program with 7th and 8th graders involved clips and video from nsteens.org, digizen.org, the AD Council and the ADL. All links and resources are on my web pages. Feel free to contact me.
Thanks! I just emailed you!
William, You might check out this discussion if you haven't.
Thanks, Nancy! It was helpful. I'm not surprised that this issue has been discussed here before.
William--if you didn't read this post while you were over there read the articles post on the other discussion by Ian. Interesting!
Research shows that it is the teachers who have got it wrong here, so the first job is for us to educate ourselves about where the real risks lie. Danah Boyd is required reading: try
* Internet Safety Technical Task Force Report
* doing the math on MySpace and registered sex offenders
You might want to check out the book Born Digital, as it has a lot of pertinent information about how to keep kids safe and aware of their privacy online. I'm not sure that it has an specific lessons, but it might give you enough information to come up with topics the kids will find interesting.
Hi Bill, I have collected many resources for this, you might find some of these helpful. Hope they help.

Media Awareness Network Lessons/Discussions followed by an online activity: I've tried almost all of them out with students. http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/games/index.cfm and highly recommend them.




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