Would any teacher consider linking with a northwestern Manitoba Grade 9 ELA class?

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Yes, Please!!!

My name is Sally Irons. I teach a small group of 10th graders in a self-contained school for students with major emotional and behavioral issues. I teach all 4 core subjects: ELA, Geometry, World History, and Biology. I also teach a computer class.

The school is located in Niles, Michigan. It is in the southwestern corner of the state. Niles is about 10 minutes due north of South Bend, Indiana, and Notre Dame University.

I would love to have my students collaborate with your class. How shall we get started??
That was a fast response!!!!! By the way Michigan is a favourite state of mine, although more the northern bits and the thumb rather than the western portion. We have started this process through these e-mails. How do we prevent this from becoming simply a different format for "pen pals"?
Hi it's me again. How be our classes calloborate(SP?) to create a "product" using our digital and online skills?
Garry Almas
I totally agree with you about NOT making this a pen pal project. I would definitely like to have this experience be more involved with technology and learning!!

What forms of technology do you have access to? In my classroom, I have a computer, document camera, video projector, digital camera, webcam, two high quality microphones for podcasting, and a scanner. We also have a computer lab in our building. My students have learned how to create PowerPoint presentations and web sites, explored different Web 2.0 applications, experimented with Google Docs, and played with Animoto. In addition, we could use my personal laptop, the webcam, the video projector, and Skype software to have a "free" video conference with each other.

At this point, I am open to suggestions for the collaboration project! We could involve the 4 cores: ELA, social studies, science, and math. Or, we can focus on tech skills and the ISTE NET-S. What do you think?

Sally Irons
Again thanks for the prompt reply. I've been "in transit" on Wednesday from the 'Peg back to The Pas and on Thursday playing "catch up" with my classes.
Would you prefer to use my e-mail address for future exchanges? It would be a bit easier for me since I access that account on a very regular basis. If so, the address is as follows almas.garry@gmail.com
Our problem, here, is not so much equipment as it is conductivity. I'm not sure we have an adequate "pipeline" to flow streaming adequately to your southern systems. My lab is well equipped otherwise with both still and video equipment at the entry and advanced levels.
Perhaps our first decision is what our "product" will be and what medium we will use to be a vehicle for that product.
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Garry Almas



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