PHP is a great beginning programming language for those interested in learning computer programming or enhancing their HTML web pages.

PHP for Beginners

Many people are interested in computer programming but feel threatened when they are faced with the idea of actually learning a language or writing a program. However, PHP is a great language for beginners for a variety of reasons. First, PHP addresses many general programming issues that are used in other, more complex, languages. Second, PHP allows the beginning programmer to understand the logic and syntax of programming languages. Finally, PHP tutorials are available, easy to follow, and fun to learn.

PHP Tutorials

There are several tutorial books available to walk the beginning programmer through the programming process. For example, PHP for Dummies is an excellent explanation and introduction to the language, and the book can easily be found online or in most bookstores. Learning PHP does not require any money, though - there are many free, extensive tutorials on the internet. One website,, offers step-by-step tutorials with examples of code that instruct on important functions of PHP and the ways that PHP can interact with web pages and databases to become a powerful tool in design. is another excellent website with tutorials, coding examples, and displays of how the code will output to the user. is a website that serves as the hub of the PHP development community, and provides quick references for more experienced programmers while still providing an excellent resources for beginning programmers.

Practical Applications of PHP with

"Learning PHP is a rewarding experience" - say's Jessica Nickel,lead coder at PHP allows even beginning programmers to make creative, dynamic websites that give the user a better internet experience. Simple projects include setting up a message that changes on a daily basis at the top of a webpage. Other simple projects include setting up tables with information about products and their costs. The functions of PHP allow for a quick, reusable, and easily changeable code for the beginning programmer.

PHP can also be used as an access point to database applications such as SQL or MySQL, which can be helpful for a variety of functions. More advanced projects might include the development of an interactive website with a database of products and ordering information. Other more advanced uses might include setting up a database for qualitative research.

Learning PHP does not require a steep learning curve, but it does require patience to master the basic syntax of the language. However, once this syntax is learned, the programmer is only limited by her own creativity

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