Hi all,

Someone has come to me looking for some help. They want to be able to annotate an image with text (just like notes in Flickr) and use that to share a narrative (in this case a biography). The only thing is that notes in Flickr are limited to a small number of words and they need to able to have many more attached to each annotation.

Anyone got any ideas on how to make this happen easily?


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The following uses Flickr pictures I believe: FlauntR

Maybe not simple enough for some, so in that case: Superlame where you upload a picture and add a balloon the sahpe, color, size you want.

Thanks, PE.

I actually found a great little freeware program that does pretty much exactly what my mate wants - Fototagger
Perhaps a timeline generator like Timetoast, might be a workable solution, I believe there are others that would support a sequential narrative with images and text.
I've looked at those too, Ann. I really like capzles, and I've passed that on my friend as well. I've also considered something like a google map, or mapness if his biography revolved more around travel.

I actually enjoy the idea of non-linear texts, texts the reader can jump in and out of - but then I'm a little strange and scatter brained so that suits me :)
Your colleague might be interested in voicethread.com. You upload pictures and then can add comments to each photo. Your comments can be textual or spoken. The comments and text then "play" like a slideshow. I'm not sure if that is the type of annotation your colleague is looking for, but it might be!
Again, Voicethread is great...we considered it. Thanks :)
have you tried photostory? Great for digital story telling
Photostory is great for digital storytelling, I agree. But he wanted something very different from powerpoint/slideshow style. Thanks tho
Hi, Have you tried Voice Thread? that is actually how I found your site.



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