Ideas for What to Do with Students "While" Viewing the Inauguration

I recently wrote a few posts in my blog about Inauguration Lesson Ideas and How to Watch the Inauguration. Now I'd love to get some ideas for what to do while students are watching the inauguration. I am a big proponent of having students view actively, not passively. So what are your ideas about what students can be doing while they are watching the inauguration? I'm thinking along the lines of elaborating on ways to reflect, KWL, illustrations, etc.

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Excellent suggestion. Easily modifiable for elementary school too. Thank you.
Jocelynn -

Thank you so much for posting this suggestion. It saved my fourth grade class yesterday and lead to an interesting discussion about what kinds of words were going to be said and a discussion of what words were actually used a lot. Thank you for taking the time to post.

I am using an Interactive Flipchart from Promethean Planet. It tells all about what the president will be doing throughout his day and the steps they take. It also shows past presidential inaugurations. It is a little elementary, but would be appropriate for diverse ages. It really will prime the students' thinking about what the Inauguration is. If you download the Flipchart viewer and join Promethean planet you can download this activity. It is really good!
My 6th graders are going to do the quiz from the National Archives and research Inaguration speeches of other presidents before the festivities. I think we'll start watching around 10:30 CST. I'll probably have the TV projected until the kiddos get restless. They have a "research" paper due next week analysing Obama's speech and comparing it to the speech of another president.
Thank you for these great ideas. I posted some thoughts at Ideas for Active Viewing by Students While Watching the Inauguration, but I think it will be too late to add to this. Now, for some ideas after the inauguration...




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