I stumbled upon an interesting website, unphotographable.com, today and I realized that students of any age can practice the same idea as a lesson for showing, not telling and the use of imagery.

In a nutshell, the website gives a daily paragraph, "This is a picture I did not take of..." followed by a vivid description of what we would be seeing if there was an actual image.

Another follow-up lesson might be to have students work in pairs to write a paragraph, then trade paragraphs and draw what their partner was trying to describe. It should help the original writer to see what could have been added to help their reader visualize better.

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I like it.
Thanks for sharing the website and the ideas. It would make a great lesson!
Thanks for the link Chris...great idea!
This looks really good! Thanks for the suggestion!
I am SO using this ... love it.
You could also assign different story elements based on the prompt to different students or groups: 1. describe the setting 2.who is the character and what is his/her background? 3. write some dialogue between this character and someone else 4. further the plot - what happened next?
How about this site: Student Community Resources

What do you think of the writing skills? Is it okay?
Also love it. Thank you for sharing.



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